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Our new garage door

new garage door

It has been a while since I last published here. The renovations became a bigger project that I originally thought we would do. At the end of day, I didn’t have the time nor the energy of blogging during that period. I already had too many things on my plate. There is no shame in saying that being in charge of the design, the renovations, the moving and being a parent of an active toddler took all my time and energy this summer.

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The Ups and Downs of Home Renovation

home renovation tips

I have been quiet the past weeks because I oversee the renovations at the 1960s split-level house we bought in spring. Like we see on TV, my emotions went from total excitement to deception as problems surfaced. Then, fatigue and despair hit as things take time to be rebuilt. Thankfully, my energy went up again since we are closer to the finish line.

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I’m Redecorating my Entryway

mood board for my entryway

My entryway is already functional. I have a basic landing strip. I already have a doormat and an umbrella holder outside. Inside, a nice mirror with a matching catch-all drawer adds style to the room. What I’m looking to upgrade are our hooks, plus the storage for shoes, hats, scarves and gloves.

Like for many urban dwellers, my entryway is a tight space. My space is even harder to decorate since it is a 4 feet wide L-shaped corridor. To keep the room airy, I ruled out a bench. Continue Reading


Selecting an Art Piece to Frame for The January Cure

art framing project hallway for january cure

In case that you don’t follow Apartment Therapy’s January Cure, yesterday assignment was to choose and frame an art piece. I was ahead of that project since I had the frames and the posters. I used this opportunity to hang them on the wall. I had to stop the project a few months ago because I broke the frame glass while putting in the first poster in. I still have to replace the glass but, with my husband’s help, the posters are framed. I’m so happy that the posters are now on the wall and to have been able to cross an item from my project list. Continue Reading


My Renovation Tips for the blog of

my home renovation tips on hgtv

My February column for Style Sheet, the blog of was about sharing my best tips to stay on time and on budget when you do a home renovation.

This is one of rare occasions where you can have a peak inside my home. I still need to decorate the space. With the baby arriving soon, I did not have the time to go shopping for home accessories. Plus, I want to see how we will function with a baby before putting the finishing touches.

In case you are curious about the paint colors for my main floor, the colors are from the Sarah Richardson collection for Para Paints. I selected:

  • SR15 (cotton) for the ceiling – ask for P5226-14 at your paint dealer
  • SR74 (peeble) for the living room – ask for P5242-34 at your paint dealer
  • SR13 (cashmere) for the dining room and staircase walls – ask for P5222-24 at your paint dealer
  • SR21 (rattan)  for the entrance, powder room and my office wall, which is next to living room – ask for P5177-41 at your paint dealer

Chalkboard Wall in the Kitchen

my kitchen chalkboard wall

One last thing, my husband and I are so pleased with the kitchen chalkboard wall. I initially wanted one so that my son-to-be would be able to draw while I am cooking. But we found out that we use it every day to keep our to-do list, menu ideas, and shopping list. And it doesn’t have to be huge to be useful.

We used the chalkboard paint from Benjamin Moore. It took 3 or 4 coats. Make sure to apply a gray primer first.

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