Our new garage door

new garage door

It has been a while since I last published here. The renovations became a bigger project that I originally thought we would do. At the end of day, I didn’t have the time nor the energy of blogging during that period. I already had too many things on my plate. There is no shame in saying that being in charge of the design, the renovations, the moving and being a parent of an active toddler took all my time and energy this summer.

Frankly, I cherish even more the return to my normal work and life routine. It feels good thinking about what to cook for a dinner party, meeting friends on weekend instead of visiting another home renovation store.

Why do I want to talk about my new garage door? Because the garage door symbolizes the goal behind the entire renovation, which was to make the house works for our family. Adding comfort and achieving an aesthetics were on equal foot when it was decision making time. After all, “form follows function” has always been my approach to design.

Talking about style, it feels great to not have the ugliest garage door on our street. I didn’t cry when they removed the biggest eyesore of our home. We replaced it with a contemporary design that is energy efficient. I love the two satin glass windows; they bring much needed light inside the garage.

our old gargage door

They are still much to do outside but it will wait until next year to tackle the landscaping project. Instead, we will take the time to enjoy our new home. It has always been my view that homes that have been decorated over time often feel cozier and more personal. This is why I will take my time to decorate. There is no rush; we plan to live here for many years.