I’m Redecorating my Entryway

mood board for my entryway

My entryway is already functional. I have a basic landing strip. I already have a doormat and an umbrella holder outside. Inside, a nice mirror with a matching catch-all drawer adds style to the room. What I’m looking to upgrade are our hooks, plus the storage for shoes, hats, scarves and gloves.

Like for many urban dwellers, my entryway is a tight space. My space is even harder to decorate since it is a 4 feet wide L-shaped corridor. To keep the room airy, I ruled out a bench.

We live in 4 seasons climate. Therefore, my family needs to keep plenty of shoes, boots, hats, scarves and gloves by the door. Until now, I managed with hooks, baskets and shoe shelves. I want a neater look. Due to space constraints, I opted for the white STALL shoe cabinet at IKEA.

I am also considering to move a a tall dresser that is currently in my bedroom to a small corner of my entryway. It would give us much needed storage downstairs. I would use the dresser to hide from the view everyday shoes, hats, scarves and gloves. For years, I asked myself what to put in that corner. Until I checked the measurements, I never imagined that a tall dresser would fit in that small corner. You will be able to explore more options if you keep an open mind and if you carry a measuring tape each time that you are designing a room.

As I reconfigured our main floor as an open-space dining and living room, I had to make concessions. One of which was that we hang our coats in a closet under the stairs. The closet is located 14 feet from the entryway. I plan to replace our existing hooks with the red Trolley Stop hooks. We use the hooks for hanging coats and purses as we, and our visitors, get in and out of the house.

Red or white decorative accessories would finish the look. I am leaning towards a couple of vases, a sculpture or art pieces on the wall. I will wait until the main furniture are in place to decide what would look the best for my space.

What do you think? Do you like my design ideas for my entryway? Any suggestions?

1. Perfect Vase with White Crackle Finish at Indigo, on sale at $17.50 CAD
2. Trolley Stop hooks at Anthropologie, $12 USD
3. STALL shoe cabinet at IKEA, $139 USD | $159 CAD
4. Small Gourde Vase at Zone, on sale at $25 CAD 

  • Bellenza Bistro
    January 15, 2013 at 09:10

    Fab ideas for your entryway! Including the choice of crisp white with red. 🙂