Selecting an Art Piece to Frame for The January Cure

art framing project hallway for january cure

In case that you don’t follow Apartment Therapy’s January Cure, yesterday assignment was to choose and frame an art piece. I was ahead of that project since I had the frames and the posters. I used this opportunity to hang them on the wall. I had to stop the project a few months ago because I broke the frame glass while putting in the first poster in. I still have to replace the glass but, with my husband’s help, the posters are framed. I’m so happy that the posters are now on the wall and to have been able to cross an item from my project list.

The Story Behind My Choice for the Art Pieces

First, I will give you a background of the space and my needs. This yellow small hallway leads to my son’s bedroom, his bathroom and a large storage closet where we store things that we rarely use. I see the hallway as the entrance to my son’s domain, which is why I want art pieces that would speak to him and to us.

Finding the art pieces has been a long journey. I did not want something drawings that were baby like nor childish. I also had to be careful to not overcrowd the space with big patterns. Initially, I wanted to print large photos of our travel. My concept involved three cities  or countries that would have shown a common theme. I gave up on the idea after 1 year since I never seem to find the time to go through all our travel photo albums.

I kept my eye opens for the right art prints. One day, while I shopped for these RIBBA frames at IKEA, I saw this poster series created by Paris-based artist and photographer Labokoff. It was it! It has an industrial vibe — which is perfect for my boy — and a calming effect on me. They are representative of Labokoff’s work. Labokoff combines photography, painting and textures to create what I consider to be soothing art prints. What I also like about these posters is that I can teach colours to my son as we go in and out of his bedroom.

Framing Options

pole alpes by labokoff
photo credits: Pole Alpes print by Labokoff

A beautiful square frame looks more refined with a square print. Labokoff sells them her Web site. Unfortunately, in my case, I need a portrait format because one of the frames hides our top floor electrical box. Since we have high ceiling, that size might be a better option for us.

It feels good to be back doing home projects. I can’t imagine a better way to start the year that by improving the comfort and the style of my home. Did you hang new art on your walls lately?

  • Teresa
    January 12, 2013 at 16:33

    Nicely done Kim! Love the prints, frames and arrangement. A framing project is a great design project to start the year. Thanks for the inspiration.