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Ultra Modern Reading Nooks in the Playroom and by a Kid’s Desk

bedroom and playroom

This is more than a post about one iconic chair and four looks that were inspired by it. It is a quick lesson about chic and fun ways for decorating the playroom in your home. Yes, these kids rooms share the bubble chair by Eero Aarnio as a decor feature. If you are a fan of the hanging bubble chair but that you are not ready to splurge for an original for a kids room, know that you can find replica. But they also are great example of white wall rooms with a punch of color. Continue Reading


Holiday Cards for Modern Design Lovers

modern holiday cards

modern holiday cards
sourcing: Hip X-mas greeting cards | Mod Homestead gift tags (mini-notes) | Biltzen (deck the antler) At Fabulous Stationery

Personalized holiday cards usually say something about you. I like it when people can guess that it is for me. This is why I adore the cool illustrations at Fabulous Stationery. Their collection would appeal to an interior design, a decor store or a design-savvy family. A nice feature is that any of the patterns can be used for gift tags. It would be more original to select illustrations that share the same theme instead of picking exactly the same.

The last two models (see bottom montage) would make party invites that people will not want to miss.

modern holiday greeting cards
sourcing: Tweet | Goody GumdropsGlam Greetings

Do you still order personalized holiday cards?


Three Things I Like about Viola Park’s Kitchen Islands

viola park island details

First, I like the minimalist design of Viola Park’s kitchen systems. I wish I could live in a house where my floor plan would allow for that type of kitchen layout. In fact, I would make it my priority if we ever move to another house.

viola park integrated bread box

A cool thing about these airy, open islands is that they have more in common with furniture than kitchen cabinets. It suits me since I would use an island more as a food preparation area and a buffet station. I have never been keen about including a cooking surface and to a lesser extent, a sink, into an island. What I crave is to have access to a long uninterrupted work surface.

Their optional accessories are a sweet bonus to achieve that goal. The recessed bread box could be used to store onions, garlic, potatoes and root vegetables. The pivot storage units neatly keep cooking knifes and other cooking tools at reach, without reducing your work surfaces.

viola park pivot storage units

Lastly, the end shelving units enables you to keep your cookbooks or your favorite serving ware close by. You could opt for a drawer unit if you need more closed storage for plates, kitchen linens or small appliances.

As you can imagine, it is an upscale American made kitchen system, manufactured by Henrybuilt. Island B is available in lengths up to 11’ and widths of 24”, 30” and 36”. Island C can go up to 12’ in lengths and widths of 24”, 36” and 42”. Viola Park also produces a mobile island with a variety of drawer configurations.

viola park mobile island

+  Viola Park’s Kitchen Islands



Modern Twist on a Nautical Theme by Molteni and C

nautical theme room with the pass storage by molteni and c

pass storage unit by molteni and c :: modern interior

The first picture depicts the typical interior where we expect to see modern furniture like the ones produced by the Italian brand Molteni & C furniture. But modern furniture can adapt to any style.

nautical theme room with pass modular storage units by molteni and c

The latest ad from Molteni & C proved that point. I like how the designers for this photo shoot totally freshen up a nautical theme room. I adore it!

Luca Meda designed this collection of coordinated modular storage units, shelves and wall units which can be mixed and stacked. It’s called Pass.

+ Pass Storage System designed by Luca Meda for Molteni & C


pEi Pod for Cats and Dogs

pei Doggy :: stylish boxed bed for small dogs

pei Doggy :: stylish boxed bed for small dogs

We live with two wonderful cats. We spoil them once in a while. It is no secret that cats love to hide or sleep in a closed box. The pEi pod is a stylish option that will look awesome in a modern style interior.

pei Kitty

It just happens that this month giveaway at Moderncat is a pEi Pod in the color of your choice. If I do not win, I might buy one for our cats once. I am currently redecorating our living room. The mint pEi Kitty with a yellow pillow will look great with our new decor.

+ pEi Kitty or pEi Doggy – small $129.99 USD


Revisiting Swimming Pool Trends on HGTV

revisiting swimming pool trends

revisiting swimming pool trends

For my monthly column on Style Sheet by HGTV Canada, I took a look at stunning, modern style swimming pools designed by architects. I would in heaven to get a pool like that in my backyard. Maybe one day, when we move to sunny California.

I also discussed the latest trends in pool equipments. There are a lot more options than in the past. It’s best to get informed before selecting which system would be best for you. I invite you to check my post on Style Sheet.


The Conmoto Gate and Turn Fireplaces

conmoto gate fireplace :: modern style fireplace

conmoto gate fireplace  :: modern style fireplace

I love sitting next to a fireplace. If you are looking for something spectacular, check out the modern fireplace and stove from Conmoto, a German fireplace maker. Their fireplaces often look like piece of furniture.

Carsten Gollnick designed a vertical fireplace with a companion wood storage unit. The combustion chamber of Gate is suspended to float in the matt, anthracite-coated steel plate. I think it looks edgy in a subtle way.

turn fireplace by conmoto :: swiveling fireplace

What about a 360 degrees swiveling stove for wood to create an atmosphere! The Turn fireplace locks in position at set increments. Prefect for people who lives in loft or with a open space dining and living space, you can enjoy the fire from several angles. This design by Schweiger & Viererbl won the 2009 Good Design Award in the Household products category.

If you are interested to buy those, I saw that Unica Home carries some of fireplaces and fireplace accessories by Conmoto but I did not see these two models on their online catalogue.

+ Conmoto Gate Fireplace
+ Conmoto Turn Fireplace


Olli and Lime Baby and Toddler Collection

olli and lime\'s george collection for baby and toddlers

Modern parents have more stylish and unique choices at reasonable prices. One brand that needs of style-conscious parents is Olli & Lime from England. Do not worry, several retailers in Canada and the United States carry the line.

Olli & Lime’s Fall 2009 collection is spread over 3 patterns: George, Billie and Egg. I prefer George (above) and Billie (below). Each collection proposes the baby gears, baby and toddler bedding and art prints.


If you have a baby shower coming soon, you could find adorable bib and burp sets, changing mats, sleepsacks and hooded towels that the parents will be proud to show off when they have visitors. I know that I will keep them in mind.

On my next collage, I mixed the Little George wall art with bedding and accessories from the Egg collection. Like I told you before, you do not have to stick to a single collection. These collections are less matching than what we used to see and still see at many department stores. Use them as a basis on which you built your own look. Ask your girl friends for advice if you are unsure on how to add your own touch.

egg baby collection by olli and lime

A Collection to Grow With

olli and lime\'s sheet sets for toddlers

They are adding new items which means that you can extend the decor as your baby becomes a toddler. This Fall, they added a new sheet collection with a fabric that contrasts with the quilt. You can recycle the drawstring bags as a toy bag.

+ Store locator for Olli and Lime


What’s On May 2009 Living etc

living etc may 2009

Even though the April issue are still fresh on the stands here, the May 2009 of Living etc is available in United Kingdom and I guess, Europe. But I can have a peek of what to expect. In fact, I can not resist every month to flip through the current issue preview. The May 2009 issue will not disappoint me.

Can you believe that the charming ROXO garden furniture are from IKEA? Looking at the styled picture, I imagined sitting under the sun, playing a game on my DS with a glass of ice tea. I did not find it on the EWeb site, but the top of the ROXO table is removable to become a tray. I praise double-function furniture.

living etc may 2009

Learn more about Danish furniture, 14 upholstered beds plus a buyer’s guide of large folding doors and glass walls. I will be waiting impatiently in exploring further my April 2009 issue. What a view!


+ ROXÖ Easy chair green $139 USD, $199 CAD – Also available in red

+ Photos from May 2009 Living etc