The Conmoto Gate and Turn Fireplaces

conmoto gate fireplace :: modern style fireplace

conmoto gate fireplace  :: modern style fireplace

I love sitting next to a fireplace. If you are looking for something spectacular, check out the modern fireplace and stove from Conmoto, a German fireplace maker. Their fireplaces often look like piece of furniture.

Carsten Gollnick designed a vertical fireplace with a companion wood storage unit. The combustion chamber of Gate is suspended to float in the matt, anthracite-coated steel plate. I think it looks edgy in a subtle way.

turn fireplace by conmoto :: swiveling fireplace

What about a 360 degrees swiveling stove for wood to create an atmosphere! The Turn fireplace locks in position at set increments. Prefect for people who lives in loft or with a open space dining and living space, you can enjoy the fire from several angles. This design by Schweiger & Viererbl won the 2009 Good Design Award in the Household products category.

If you are interested to buy those, I saw that Unica Home carries some of fireplaces and fireplace accessories by Conmoto but I did not see these two models on their online catalogue.

+ Conmoto Gate Fireplace
+ Conmoto Turn Fireplace