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    Kim Loves: Reisenthel’s Travel Bags

    reisenthel travel bags

    reisenthel travel bags

    I have a love affair with some brands and Reisenthel is one of these brands for me. It has been a while since I visited their Web site. I am glad to see new products. I couldn’t stop discovering their travelling bag collection. I like the fact that it is cheerful. Plus, you will not have any problems to recognize your bags from the crowd. Some fabrics are special edition like the beach edition, marigold olive (my personal favourite) and safari.

    travel cosmetic

    The bags are also well-thought. You will have no problems finding one that fits your needs. Many models of their comprehensive range of cosmetic bags are available in several sizes. You can find one that would be big enough for your annual vacation, another one for weekend getaways and a small one for when you go to the gym.

    slimcase and toilet bag

    Versatility is another key feature of the line. Slimcase S would be perfect to carry your jewelry while kids crayons, hair accessories or small office supply would fit into the Multicase.

    Now, we only have to wait that for Reisenthel’s Travelling to be available in Canada or the United States.

    + Allrounder L by Reisenthel from 34,90 € to 45 €
    + Toiletcosmetic by Resisenthel from 13,90 € to 24,90 €
    + Toiletbag by Reisenthel 16,90 €
    + Slimcase S  by Reisenthel 9,90 €
    + Multicase by Reisenthel 9,95 €