Tschutschu by Dominik Lutz Could Be a DIY Toy Project

tschutschu kid furniture by dominik_lutz

If you are handy working with wood, here is something that you may consider doing for your kids. I feel it would be a wonderful Christmas gift. If you do, make sure to adapt the project to your child favorite games and activities. You could cut a window to suit the needs of a puppet theater.

I suggest to you a DIY project because Tschutschu by Dominik Lutz seems to be only available in Germany for the moment. This is kind of the ultimate multipurpose kid furniture as it integrated a bench, a train table, and a chalkboard. By standing on a different side, it serves a different purpose. You could fix a wooden train track on the train table. This way, there will be less mess across the home and no arguments with your kid to store the train set.

+ Tschutschu at Magazin 179 €
+ via ohdeedoh

  • Nataly
    November 14, 2009 at 16:39

    Lovely product! and great project.

    I just have done my main living room wall blackboard paint (the kids play there and mark it anyway). Kids had a blast drawing all over it.

    About the DIY idea: Shopping for blackboard paint, I saw dry erase (white) paint.
    Could be another fun option to draw with colour erasable markers on it!

    Busy toddlers – happy mommy!