What’s On May 2009 Living etc

living etc may 2009

Even though the April issue are still fresh on the stands here, the May 2009 of Living etc is available in United Kingdom and I guess, Europe. But I can have a peek of what to expect. In fact, I can not resist every month to flip through the current issue preview. The May 2009 issue will not disappoint me.

Can you believe that the charming ROXO garden furniture are from IKEA? Looking at the styled picture, I imagined sitting under the sun, playing a game on my DS with a glass of ice tea. I did not find it on the EWeb site, but the top of the ROXO table is removable to become a tray. I praise double-function furniture.

living etc may 2009

Learn more about Danish furniture, 14 upholstered beds plus a buyer’s guide of large folding doors and glass walls. I will be waiting impatiently in exploring further my April 2009 issue. What a view!


+ ROXÖ Easy chair green $139 USD, $199 CAD – Also available in red

+ Photos from May 2009 Living etc

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  • michelle
    April 19, 2009 at 22:24

    I so love these…in mass in a hotel or restaurant would be amazing…great find! Thanks for the visit; I hope you come over again soon!