Ultra Modern Reading Nooks in the Playroom and by a Kid’s Desk

bedroom and playroom

This is more than a post about one iconic chair and four looks that were inspired by it. It is a quick lesson about chic and fun ways for decorating the playroom in your home. Yes, these kids rooms share the bubble chair by Eero Aarnio as a decor feature. If you are a fan of the hanging bubble chair but that you are not ready to splurge for an original for a kids room, know that you can find replica. But they also are great example of white wall rooms with a punch of color.

Playroom Design Principles

kid's republic bookstore
photo credits:  Poplar Kid’s Republic via Pratham Books

Start first by talking about function. Play time is filled with different activities. Some are aimed at social skill development, while others target the intelligence, fuel imagination or build muscles of our kids. It is always a good idea to leave plenty of floor space for the kids to move. Up to a certain point, parents can influence what the kids do in the playroom. These playrooms cater to many activities and concentrate on a few that the parents wish to stimulate. Let’s see how they favor reading and exploring their skills.

Reading Nooks for Kids

black and white nursery and playroom
photo credits: via Home Edit – note: I’m still looking for the original source

A peaceful reading nook where the kids have easy access to their favorite books encourages them to read more. If you have a preschooler, plan at least one seating arrangement where you can relax in the playroom since your kid will ask you to join him. This fabulously done black and white nursery and playroom combination offers several options for adults and children. I adore it!

The first photo (at the post top) shows how to plan for a playroom for older kids. The sliding doors provide privacy when needed by the girls.

futuristic reading nook kids republic
photo credits: Kid’s Republic bookstore by SAKO Architects

The third room is a commercial space. This is Kid’s Republic, an awesomely creative kids bookstore located in Beijing, China. It was designed in 2005 by the Japanese architecture firm SAKO Architects. Colorful ribbons that wrap and twist define the space in many ways. The futuristic circular reading nooks integrated in the storage unit and up the stairs are an invitation to kids to read. They caught my eye. I know that my son would always be up and down the stairs.

Kid’s Desk

kid's desk room with bubble chair
photo credits: iVillage

When your kids have outgrown the playroom, they would still enjoy their bubble chair while they are doing their homework.

+ top photo credits: HGTV – design by Randy Weinstein

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