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Baby Shoe Art

diy baby shoes frame growth chart

diy baby shoes frame growth chart

This super sweet project is one that solves a double-dilemna: where to find inexpensive nursery art and what to do with those adorable baby things you can’t bear to give away.

Shoes are a well-heeled choice for a little girl’s room but work just as well for baby boys, whether framed as a series of pairs or squeezed side-by-side in one shadow box. Either way, it’s a clever way to create a custom growth chart.

+ Framed Baby Shoes photo via Liberty Biberty
DIY Shoe Growth Chart from Real Simple


A Collection A Day | Book Preview

lisa congdon collection a day book

lisa congdon collection a day book

One of my daily must-read blogs throughout 2010 was Lisa Congdon’s A Collection a Day. On January 1, 2010, the San Francisco-based designer/artist/illustrator kicked off a year-long project, posting a new photo, painting or illustration of her collections (both real and imagined) every day.

Now Lisa’s project has been, well, collected in a soon-to-be-released book published by UPPERCASE.

Colourful, curious and neatly organized, Lisa’s collections highlight the design similarities and differences of the objects in each grouping. Many are also available as prints – this series of red enamel kitchen utensils would be a striking piece of kitchen art.

lisa congdon red spatulas

This illustration of Jonathan Adler pottery is slightly more affordable than the real thing.

lisa congdon jonathan adler

Check out UPPERCASE to preview more of Lisa’s collection and pre-order your copy in a “collectible” tin.

+ Pre-order A Collection A Day by Lisa Congdon from Uppercase Gallery
+ Photos and illustrations from A Collection A Day


The Collectible Momiji Dolls, Mugs and Key Rings

Momiji key rings and hand-painted collectible dolls

Momiji key rings and hand-painted collectible dolls

The Momiji Dolls are just for little girls. It is mostly young women who collect them. Each hand-painted Momiji highlights a personality trait and has her own look.  The collection is created by up and coming designers from around the planet. The dolls are as diverse as the designers who made it, which means that they don’t always have an Asian flair.

momiji mugs and dolls

You can find derivatives products such as key rings, mugs, notebooks, pens and bags. I would hang the key ring on a purse, a handbag and simply use it as a key chain. The doll prices range from $10 to $16 and the key rings are at $7.50 on the US online store of Momiji. They are so adorable that I might become a collector. They fit nicely in a wooden rack.

Founded in 2005, Momiji HQ is a little office in Henley in a small English village called Arden. The village is famous for its ice cream.

+ Enamel key ring: lucky $7.50 USD
+ Enamel key ring: sister $7.50
+ Enamel key ring: best friends $7.50
+ Dancing Girl Momiji doll $16
+ Dancing Girl Momiji mug $10
+ Poppet Momiji mug $10
+ Mabel in box $15


A Cat Lover Stamp Collection by Sweden Post

cat stamps collection by sweden post

cat stamps collection by sweden post

As a cat lover, I could not pass this story. The Sweden Post Stamps revealed last week a stamp collection that honors cats. I love it! The stamps were designed by Carina Länk. She also designed the picture of the cat on the First Day Cover, the head of the cat on the FDC cancellation and the illustration of kittens on the Collector’s Sheet.

The cats booklet costs 60 kr, which is a little bit more than $8. But I am unclear about the shipping fees and if they ship to Canada or the United States. I find it strange since stamp collectors often wish to buy stamps from other countries.

+ Cats stamp booklet 60 kr
+ via Modern Cat

GIFT IDEAS Gifts for HER PAPER goods

I Dream of Blythe Dolls

I just ordered a set of 4 Christmas cards featuring Blythe dolls on etsy. They are so adorable!


I have a thing for cute dolls. I am not the only grown up woman who does. First manufactured in 1972 by Kenner, Blythe became popular again when in late 2000 CWC produced a charming TV commercial for Parco department store starring Blythe. She became an overnight sensation in Japan and Asia.

New Blythe dolls are produced now. They are hard to find outside Japan (or Asia). My husband and I are planning a vacation in Japan next Spring. I will now be able to buy a few dolls.

moshi-moshi blythe doll clothing collection

Several etsy sellers create clothes on top of the traditional sources. Moshi-moshi by hilarywagstaff – the one who sold me the cards – has the best clothing collection that I found so far on etsy.

two blythe dolls belonging to amloro16 on flickr

If you wish to see more great dolls, there are several Blythe doll pools on Flickr. This is a doll to play dress up. Fans do settings, style the space and take fashionable pictures. Amloro16 is a huge fan. I contacted her last year about it. I am inspired by this French collector passion for her Blythe dolls. It seems so much fun.


Play on scale | 3 blogs and a mood board – 2007.10.22 edition

Play on scale: 3 blogs and a mood board - 2007.10.22 edition

What caught my eyes for my weekly review of last week blogosphere are the miniatures and the contrasting illusions.

Sometimes, we wish to have guests over for a huge cocktail party but there is no specific occasion. To make that night special, why not design your own little exposition?

It does not have to be miniatures; you can showcase things you collect or your travel souvenirs. The idea is to have something to occupy your guests for a while and to break the ice.

1 | Apartment Therapy NYC

Lori Nix is artist that likes to take pictures on disaster set miniatures. I always have been fascinated by miniatures. I recalled when I was ten and I saw the huge animated Town of Tomorrow miniatures at Disneyland. I did not want to leave. Apartment Therapy shares interesting facts on their The Gallery: Lori Nix post.

2 | Emmas designblogg

I really enjoyed the view of the clear glass bottle grouping. If you can take the most utilitarian items, then the sum can be greater than the part. You simply need to neatly display multiples on a shelf. I took the inspiration shot from her Friday Flickr Favourites.

3 | Poppy Talk

It’s twice this month for Poppy Talk. In large+small, she spotlighted an interiors trend from the October 2007 issue of Living etc. This trend is about contrast. On play on scale, Living etc gave tips on how to create your own miniature or oversized kingdom for the pleasure of daydreaming.

You will be able to read the article from their Web site. On one photo shoot, Living etc captured the Alice in the Wonderland universe by putting a gigantic tea cup on the kitchen table and an oversized ruler as an adult height chart.

You could have a party where every guest has to bring their own small world and share their creation with everybody else. To make your party more cohesive, select a common theme that can be anything you fancy.

Learn more: Web site of Lori Nix
Learn more: Play on scale article on Living etc Magazine


3 blogs and a mood board – 2007.09.15 edition

purple area : design to inspire : The Kitchen Designer

This week’s spotlight is about modernized versions of rustic country charms. Fall is the best time of the year to visit antique shops. My mood board mixed antiques, modern style and a Scandinavian connection.

1 | Purple Area for Oväntade kombinationer

With Oväntade kombinationer, the Swedish blog Purple Area shows us a perfect example of the coexistence of old and new.

The rustic island table steals the stage of this modern kitchen. The white washed old wood floor adds characters. Finally, remark what look like a reclaimed wood butcher block on the left side of the picture. Mix it together with an all stainless steel kitchen and you got the recipe for an impressive kitchen decor.

2 | Design to inspire for Sightseeing with Susan

The kitchen designer and blogger Susan Serra just came back from a trip to Denmark. She took pictures for Design to inspire and a few bloggers while on vacation. Sightseeing with Susan displays the treasures at Fil de Fer, an antique shop in Copenhagen. Most of Fil de Fer’s inventory originated from France.

Old bottles are popular. If you can put your hand on beautiful old bottles, do not hesitate and grab them. Serve water, lemonade, ice tea and even punch in those. Vintage bottles will made a statement when you throw a party.

3 | The Kitchen Designer for Beautiful Kitchen Cabinetry – A Preview!

I was digging for a kitchen done with old craftsmanship qualities but produced today. After all, antiques are great but we do not always find what we need. Antique furniture can be unpractical for our lifestyle. That is why that most of times, people only accessorize with antiques.

The cliché What goes around, comes around certainly holds some truths. I found what I am looking for with Beautiful Kitchen Cabinetry – A Preview!. This post is a sneak preview of a new kitchen collection to be distributed by Susan Serra. I cannot wait to see the whole collection. In the meantime, you can read Susan’s blog, The Kitchen Designer for great advices and inspirations.

The rules of my weekly column: 3 blogs and a mood board

Each Saturday, I selected three blog posts. The challenge for me is that I must create a mood board with pictures that other bloggers have posted in the last 7 days. The mood board must stay true to the scope of my blog.

Learn more: Web site of Fil de Fer in Copenhagen, Denmark