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I Dream of Blythe Dolls

I just ordered a set of 4 Christmas cards featuring Blythe dolls on etsy. They are so adorable!


I have a thing for cute dolls. I am not the only grown up woman who does. First manufactured in 1972 by Kenner, Blythe became popular again when in late 2000 CWC produced a charming TV commercial for Parco department store starring Blythe. She became an overnight sensation in Japan and Asia.

New Blythe dolls are produced now. They are hard to find outside Japan (or Asia). My husband and I are planning a vacation in Japan next Spring. I will now be able to buy a few dolls.

moshi-moshi blythe doll clothing collection

Several etsy sellers create clothes on top of the traditional sources. Moshi-moshi by hilarywagstaff – the one who sold me the cards – has the best clothing collection that I found so far on etsy.

two blythe dolls belonging to amloro16 on flickr

If you wish to see more great dolls, there are several Blythe doll pools on Flickr. This is a doll to play dress up. Fans do settings, style the space and take fashionable pictures. Amloro16 is a huge fan. I contacted her last year about it. I am inspired by this French collector passion for her Blythe dolls. It seems so much fun.

  • Fiona Richards
    December 5, 2008 at 17:51

    Bonjour Kim!
    I had a Blythe doll when I was about 10 in the about 1974 in Scotland. I wasn’t much of a doll person but she did intrigue me. She had a string in the back of her neck and when you pulled it her eyes changed. She looked exactly like the ones you have show on your post. I think its so strange that she is such a style icon now 🙂
    Mine wasn’t half as stylish as the ones you show here. Thanks 🙂

  • Geri
    December 7, 2008 at 01:47

    Love the dolls. I’ve never seen them before, and they are definitely one of the cutest dolls I’ve ever seen.

  • Marilyn Roxie
    December 7, 2008 at 03:00

    Blythe holiday cards- how cute! I bought my first Blythe a few months ago (the Cousin Olivia model) from the Valley of the Dolls website based in California. They are so versatile; perfect for taking pictures with, hence all the Flickr pics! 😛