3 blogs and a mood board – 2007.09.15 edition

purple area : design to inspire : The Kitchen Designer

This week’s spotlight is about modernized versions of rustic country charms. Fall is the best time of the year to visit antique shops. My mood board mixed antiques, modern style and a Scandinavian connection.

1 | Purple Area for Oväntade kombinationer

With Oväntade kombinationer, the Swedish blog Purple Area shows us a perfect example of the coexistence of old and new.

The rustic island table steals the stage of this modern kitchen. The white washed old wood floor adds characters. Finally, remark what look like a reclaimed wood butcher block on the left side of the picture. Mix it together with an all stainless steel kitchen and you got the recipe for an impressive kitchen decor.

2 | Design to inspire for Sightseeing with Susan

The kitchen designer and blogger Susan Serra just came back from a trip to Denmark. She took pictures for Design to inspire and a few bloggers while on vacation. Sightseeing with Susan displays the treasures at Fil de Fer, an antique shop in Copenhagen. Most of Fil de Fer’s inventory originated from France.

Old bottles are popular. If you can put your hand on beautiful old bottles, do not hesitate and grab them. Serve water, lemonade, ice tea and even punch in those. Vintage bottles will made a statement when you throw a party.

3 | The Kitchen Designer for Beautiful Kitchen Cabinetry – A Preview!

I was digging for a kitchen done with old craftsmanship qualities but produced today. After all, antiques are great but we do not always find what we need. Antique furniture can be unpractical for our lifestyle. That is why that most of times, people only accessorize with antiques.

The cliché What goes around, comes around certainly holds some truths. I found what I am looking for with Beautiful Kitchen Cabinetry – A Preview!. This post is a sneak preview of a new kitchen collection to be distributed by Susan Serra. I cannot wait to see the whole collection. In the meantime, you can read Susan’s blog, The Kitchen Designer for great advices and inspirations.

The rules of my weekly column: 3 blogs and a mood board

Each Saturday, I selected three blog posts. The challenge for me is that I must create a mood board with pictures that other bloggers have posted in the last 7 days. The mood board must stay true to the scope of my blog.

Learn more: Web site of Fil de Fer in Copenhagen, Denmark

  • susan
    September 15, 2007 at 21:32

    Thank you for the mention! I enjoy your blog. Your comments are so insightful and so thorough. I appreciate that great level of detail and great information. Always interesting. And, yes, this collection is all that…and more. More soon! Thanks again.

  • Lara
    September 15, 2007 at 22:52

    Kim, love this look! I’m just loving the mix of rustic, antiquated pieces with modern pieces (love the beaten wood with stainless steel). Great job!

  • patricia gray
    September 16, 2007 at 11:36

    What a great idea for a post and you have put it together so well. I love the new line of kitchens that Susan is working on.

  • At Home with kim vallee
    September 17, 2007 at 23:16

    Charming picnic, delicious chocolate and Porto tasting at Romaneira