Play on scale | 3 blogs and a mood board – 2007.10.22 edition

Play on scale: 3 blogs and a mood board - 2007.10.22 edition

What caught my eyes for my weekly review of last week blogosphere are the miniatures and the contrasting illusions.

Sometimes, we wish to have guests over for a huge cocktail party but there is no specific occasion. To make that night special, why not design your own little exposition?

It does not have to be miniatures; you can showcase things you collect or your travel souvenirs. The idea is to have something to occupy your guests for a while and to break the ice.

1 | Apartment Therapy NYC

Lori Nix is artist that likes to take pictures on disaster set miniatures. I always have been fascinated by miniatures. I recalled when I was ten and I saw the huge animated Town of Tomorrow miniatures at Disneyland. I did not want to leave. Apartment Therapy shares interesting facts on their The Gallery: Lori Nix post.

2 | Emmas designblogg

I really enjoyed the view of the clear glass bottle grouping. If you can take the most utilitarian items, then the sum can be greater than the part. You simply need to neatly display multiples on a shelf. I took the inspiration shot from her Friday Flickr Favourites.

3 | Poppy Talk

It’s twice this month for Poppy Talk. In large+small, she spotlighted an interiors trend from the October 2007 issue of Living etc. This trend is about contrast. On play on scale, Living etc gave tips on how to create your own miniature or oversized kingdom for the pleasure of daydreaming.

You will be able to read the article from their Web site. On one photo shoot, Living etc captured the Alice in the Wonderland universe by putting a gigantic tea cup on the kitchen table and an oversized ruler as an adult height chart.

You could have a party where every guest has to bring their own small world and share their creation with everybody else. To make your party more cohesive, select a common theme that can be anything you fancy.

Learn more: Web site of Lori Nix
Learn more: Play on scale article on Living etc Magazine

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