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Rustic Metal Letters and Decanters

rustic metal letters

You probably noticed that alphabet is a recurring theme on my blog. What can I say, I am inspired by the views of letters and words. I am inclined to introduce new sources when they add something new.

At West End specializes in rustic and recycled home decor. They carry a beautiful line of rustic metal lowercase letters and popular symbols. Their letters and symbols are 11-inch tall. They also have an enormous “THE” letter set on sale at $99 USD.

home accessories in soft hues and jewel tones

You could built a nursery decor around the metal fish symbols. Or you could infuse a Mediterranean mood to your kitchen. They are versatile. You can place it on a surface or you can hang the fish symbol on the wall.

The jewel tone decanters has a gypsy vibe. These decanters carry a strong decorative element. They come in 4 harmonizing colors and in a clear glass. Plus you will feel good knowing that they contain some recycled glass.

+ enormous “THE” letters on sale $99 USD
+ Metal letter $20 USD
+ Metal Fish Symbol soft aqua, green or rust $26 USD
+ Jewel Tone decanter green, turquoise, violet, amber or clear glass $42 USD
+ organic 6-inch tall bloom vases $85 USD for set of 4
+ Via Ohdeedoh


Say It with Food or Ice

I like the motto of Sillycone. This shows again that silicone has revolutionized the way we cook. You can use silicone trays to shape any food or liquid.

You can perfectly shaped Jell-O, butter, chocolate, cheese, bite cakes, brownies, Rice Crispy treats and so much more! It opens a world of possibilities for entertaining like this Jell-O wish on a birthday cake.

sillycone and lekue symbol, letter and star silicone ice cube trays

Sillycone specialized in letter, number, symbol and the Greek alphabet. Their trays are made from high-gloss FDA tested silicone. Each tray is oven-safe to 550ºF and (-50ºF) is cool to the touch within minutes after baking.

For more shapes, look at Lékué. This Spanish high end brand makes silicone ice cube trays in form of a star, heart, dolphin, penguin and shell. Look at the cool colored ice cubes that Better Homes and Gardens did for the Fourth of July last year.

+ Silicone Alphabet Letter Ice / Bake Tray Set $14.95 USD for 3 trays
+ Silicone Number Ice / Bake Tray $7.49 USD
+ Sillycone Single Number Ice / Bake Tray $10.13 USD
+ Silicone Symbol Ice / Bake Tray $14.99 USD
+ Lekue Silicone Ice Cube Tray, Star $2.95 USD


Word Graffiti and Single Alphabet Side Tables

alphabet side tables

If you wish to carry out the alphabet prints and word graffiti wall decor trends over your home, take a look at these side tables. It is not just for living room. Use any of these tables to put your stamp on a reading nook or as bedside table with your initial.

word graffiti table

The Alphabet side table at Andrew Martin spreads to the entire 26 letters of the alphabet. You could write a 3 to 4 letters word and if you wish, put a glass surface on the top. It is not simply for letters. Depending of its design, an A can become a 6 or a 9, an E can act as a 3. Have fun scribbling words with your furniture.

+ Andrew Martin Alphabet Side Tables £995 at Amy Nicholas
+ Oak veneer Alphabet Tables by Siskô in France


Numbers, Single Letter and Alphabet Art Prints by Binth

numbers art print and alphabet art print by binth

You may be familiar with the letters and alphabet prints by Binth. They have been around since 2007, I think. What I did know what that you can go for single letter print instead of the entire alphabet. It is a cheaper option. Any one of those will look great in a nursery or a kids playroom.

single alphabet prints by binth

By using a deep frame, the single alphabet art print can be placed on a desk or a bookcase instead of hanging it on the wall. You can write a small word with the 5 x5 inch frame boxes.

+ Binth Alphabet Poster $80 unframed, $180 framed
+ Binth Numbers Poster $55 unframed, $90 framed
+ Single Alphabet Framed Print $28 USD


A to Z Prints by Jenn Ski for my Creative Monday

a to z prints by jennski on etsy

You already know that I have a thing for alphabet art prints for a nursery, a kid bedroom or a playroom. The modern style of Jenn Ski drawings are appealing. They are whimsical without looking childish.

The giclée prints are made available on archival quality, 100% cotton rag, acid-free paper, and are printed using UV-stable pigment inks. Each piece is treated as art. The print are and numbered by the artist plus the piece comes with a certificate of authenticity. They are made to fit standard photo frames. New parents will be thrilled to receive any of these at a baby shower.

If you are looking for the most elegant option, order through Jenn Ski web site. She sells her 4″ x 6″ with museum-grade 8″ x 10″ backing and mat for $29 USD. Frames are not included. Otherwise, she sells the prints without the mat on etsy.

art prints by jenn ski

Other art pieces created by Jenn Ski to decorate your house or your office.

+ A to Z giclée prints – 5″ x 7″ without a mat $14 USD on etsy
+ Bird print with museum-grade backing and mat $29 USD


Grassy Invites and Picnic View | Quick Links 2009.05.15

I was due for a showcase of posts that inspired me. For this sunny Friday, I gathered my finds around outdoor parties. Let’s start with a grass field.

grassy wedding invitations

+ More and more move far away for the traditional wedding invites. Green grass details and a bird look adorable and elegant on these letterpress invites. Via Moontree

picnic perfect photos and 3d wall hooks :: as seen on oh joy!

+ You can always stop at Oh Joy! for a breath of fresh ideas. She made a picnic perfect montage where you can see the wooden utensils from Paper+Cup I shown you last week plus other items at Anthropologie. It is lovely. She designed the two 3D wall hooks for Urban Outfitters some time ago. The Home Sweet Home Mail Hook and the Tree Silhouette hook are out of stock. I do not know if they will be available again.

+Another option are the recycled metal alphabet hooks at Urban Outfitters. You can opt for the initials of the members of the family or write a word. $6 per letter.


Modern Country Style and Tatin tart | Daily Quick Links

modern country interior design :: diy milk glass :: tatin tart :: vintage baby shower This is my daily collection of noteworthy stuff that I saw online.

+ I love the French-inspired interior design from an Australian magazine titled Notebook. By exploring the galleries, I digged more inspirations. Brian Culy took the picture of Modern Country interior design with the help of stylist Georgi Waddy. Via Design to Inspire

+ I also found on Notebook a Do-It-Yourself that is really cute. Here is how to reproduce the look and feel of milk glass. With the trend to pastel tones, this is a great way to decorate.

+ The Mini Tatin Apple Tarts challenge is running all September on Learn the tips of Elana Safronsky on how to make this delicious dessert. You still have time to participate of you feel like it. Via Food for Thought.

+ Do not miss the baby shower photos on Thompson Family-life. This is where these adorable party favors and the fun cupcakes come from. For more ideas on the theme, check out the vintage baby shower mood board designed by Kati of The Finer Things.

+ The HUGE Vinyl Alphabet wall decal by TastySuite looks sophisticated. It feels great in an office, a living room or a kid bedroom. Via melissahead yabberings, the blog of the woman behind Operation NICE.


Alphabet Photography Art

word art by alphabet photographyI received an email from Jennifer of Alphabet Photography to inform me of a new art product. I look at it because it intrigued me. What I discovered is a unique concept.

Starting from black and white photographs taken around the Niagara Region during the summer of 2007, you can custom your own word art. Their Web site has a pretty simple to use Create a word interface. You can adjust each photograph individually and see the result automatically. I did it for the name of my husband and my name.

Each photograph is a 4 x 6, so the art work does not take too much space. Depending on the number of letters, you can find an integrated photo frame or align several frames in a row. Look at Umbra; they are my favorite brand for cool and stylish photo frames.

An excellent gift idea

For the upcoming Valentine’s Day, Alphabet Photography proposes a personalized gift solution. Make sure to make a good lasting impression and select a series of upscale photo frames that match the decor.

Parents could enjoy the name of their newborn on a subtle way in the house. Make a note for future baby showers. You can get the name of every members of the family for their anniversary. And make a neat arrangement by mixing some pictures of the family as separator and space filler.

Alphabet Photography delivers in Canada and the United States for a small fee. International shipping is available.If you live close by, the letter photos are available at Sips and Suds Laundromat Cafe in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Buy online: Alphabet Photography – price: $4 per letter


3 blogs and a mood board – 2007.09.23 edition

Peoples Paper : Oh Happy Day : Better Living Through DesignWho said literacy has not place in party? This week’s mood board is about throwing Read & Write parties. You can host a book reading, a short story writing session, a book review tea party or a Haiku party.

Or books can simply be the gifts of honor. Books and Brunch is an amazing party concept. It is original and yet so simple to implement as a parent baby shower. Here, the new parents will be surprised with their baby’s library full on the best children classic.

The concept can be applied to any occasion. A teenager may want to grow his graphic novel collection for his birthday while cooking or home decorating books fit into the bridal shower spirit.

1 | Peoples Paper for DIY + Snow and Graham = Utterly Stylish!

Any party starts with the invites. Alphabet imprints from Snow & Graham make outstanding invitations at a fraction of the price of a custom job. All you need is a laser or inkjet printer to print your message. Thanks to Peoples Paper for publishing DIY + Snow and Graham = Utterly Stylish!, a post that highlighted this wonderful collection.

Ramillette imprint is shown here for a sleep over birthday party. Why not mix it with a Haiku party?

2 | Oh Happy Day for Party Ideas

A Haiku party would be a hit if you have friends that enjoy writing. This form of Japanese poetry was developed around a 5, 7, 5 structure.

According to Wikipedia, some of the more common practices in English are:

  • Use of three (or fewer) lines of no more than 17 total syllables;
  • Use of a season word;
  • Use of a cut (sometimes indicated by a punctuation mark) to contrast and compare, implicitly, two events, images, or situations.

Poetry is not my cup of tea. I first heard of a Haiku party when reading a post about Party Ideas on Oh Happy Day blog. In all fairness, Black Eiffel introduced the Haiku party idea on her post Parties I have known and loved by Kim Screen.

To duplicate this cool Haiku party, you need a typewriter, a cork bulletin board with pins and lots of white cards. The proposed formula is simply to type 3 lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables. Then, post your haiku on the cork board. If you cannot get your hand on a typewriter, a few pens or a calligraphy kit will work fine.

3 | Better Living Through Design for HANG Wall Hooks

Whether it is to hang purses or coats, the Hang Wall Hooks fit so well into our read and write party themes that I had no choice but to include it. I noticed them on Better Living Through Design.

The rules of my weekly column: 3 blogs and a mood board

Each Saturday, I selected three blog posts. The challenge for me is that I must create a mood board with pictures that other bloggers have posted in the last 7 days. The mood board must stay within the scope of my blog.

+ Snow & Graham Alphabet imprints at Luxe Paperie – price: $14 USD
+ Haiku on wikipedia
+ Hang Wall Hooks on Lekker – price: $68 USD


The Animal Kingdom Baby shower party theme

Anna Bella Baby fine stationery :: girafe and elephant toys by Wren handmadeFollowing Blueprint hip baby shower, I come up with another stylish inspiration for a baby shower party. This time my inspiration starts out with the Wren handmade fabric stuffed animals.

Fabric stuffed animals instead of plush animals are popular these days. You can find many styles on etsy stores. But my favorite ones are the giraffes and elephants by Wren handmade designed by Laura Normandin. The animals are cutely shaped and I like the fabric selection at Wren handmade. The 11 inch high giraffe and the 8 inch high elephant each cost $60 USD.

Be aware that the Wren handmade stuffed toys are for kids over 3 years old. But why not decorate the baby room with them until then? Display the animals on individual thick shelves nicely distributed on a wall or on the top shelf of a bookcase. Both options look great.

How to design a sassy and modern animal kingdom baby shower?

Now that the theme and the style are clear, I got to find the right invite. Luckily, I found the perfect baby shower invitation card at Anna Bella Fine Stationery. The Animal Parade card has the right styled elements; it pairs well with Wren animal collection. There is even a giraffe and an elephant on the invite design. You can use this design for baby announcement or a baby birthday party.

Anna Bella Fine Stationery invite cards can be ordered in quantity of 15 or more. And at $1.89 each with your return address printed on the envelops, they are a good deal.

Develop your color palette around Dijon mustard yellow hues, greens and blues for the buffet table. Look at the modern pattern melamine plates and trays that are all the rage this year. Do not overuse the patterns, mix them with some solid color service ware. You want to create a simple modern look.

Look for tableware that reintroduces some of the elements of your decor. For example, try to find some small plaid pattern table linens in a soft color combination. Table runners and place mats look more hip than a table cloth. And they are more appropriate for a baby shower party.

Stylish baby bedrooms with dwellbaby

dwell baby bedding

I have been a fan of dwell bedding since their beginning. They updated and diversified their baby collection not long ago. This one looks even better than their first baby bedding collection.

I found a few patterns and accessories right for our Animal Kingdom party. If you opt for a crib set as a gift, why not spread some coordinating accessories around the room to add to the party theme.

Dwell makes fabric stuff animal pillows. The set comes with three 14 x 21 inches pillows: one pig, one elephant and one giraffe. I suggest you mix them with the fabric animals from Wren. The baby cubes are lovely and they would be great baby shower gifts for the parents.

My suggestions for the crib sets start with Animals, a simple chocolate animal drawing combined with distinctive geometric patterns. Forest crib set comes in 2 color weave combinations brown and petal (pink) or brown and sky (blue). Garden Blossom is a stylish floral and vine designs against the subtle backdrop of tans and pinks. Online retailers sell these 4-piece crib sets around $350 USD each.

An artsy education gift

wall cards by eeboo

These illustrated wall cards by eeboo caught my eyes when I went shopping at Indigo. Each card set is illustrated by a different artist. Each card is 8 by 10 inches.

It will take you no time to create a featured wall by hanging the cards for your party. Choose the wall card style that goes better with the baby room design.

A decorative tip for the parents, if you install wall shelves running across the room, break the wall card grouping once in a while with the Wren fabric animals and other decorative items. And leave more than a couple inches of empty spacing between the cards if the space allowed it.

A theme that can grow with the kids

Babies outgrow their nursery eventually. Dwell thought about it when they design their kid bedding collection. The collection of dwellbaby and dwellkids share the same color palette and some patterns. So you can still use some baby accessories with the kid bedding. Better yet, chances are that you will not have to repaint the room right away.

dwellkids :: bedding for kids

After I compiled my elements for this story, I noticed that I share similar tastes with the Dwell stylists. The Read-to-me wall cards by eeboo are displayed on their kid rooms. This is one of my favorites.

An Animal Kingdom party theme is not just great for baby shower parties. They are a fun kid birthday theme. For young kids, your birthday celebrations can include a safari game, costume dressing and even a visit to a zoo.

End of the day Update:

Check out the alphabet prints designed by Alison from Strawberry Luna. You can get an Elephant print, a Giraffe print. The Owl and the Lady bug prints are gorgeous.

Each print is hand screened and at $15 each, these limited edition prints are more than affordable art pieces. I found them tonight when reading Apartment Therapy: Chicago.

+ Elephant fabric toys by Laura Normandin at Wren handmade
+ Giraffe fabric toys by Laura Normandin at Wren handmade
+ Baby announcement, shower and milestones at Anna Bella Fine Stationery
+ dwell bedding and home furnishing
+ Wall cards by eeboo
+ Alphabet Prints from Strawberry Luna published on AT:Chicago blog

+ Baby Shower for Urban Chic Parents
+ A Cool Modern Baby Shower Party
+ Animal Themed Dinnerware for Infants