Modern Country Style and Tatin tart | Daily Quick Links

modern country interior design :: diy milk glass :: tatin tart :: vintage baby shower This is my daily collection of noteworthy stuff that I saw online.

+ I love the French-inspired interior design from an Australian magazine titled Notebook. By exploring the galleries, I digged more inspirations. Brian Culy took the picture of Modern Country interior design with the help of stylist Georgi Waddy. Via Design to Inspire

+ I also found on Notebook a Do-It-Yourself that is really cute. Here is how to reproduce the look and feel of milk glass. With the trend to pastel tones, this is a great way to decorate.

+ The Mini Tatin Apple Tarts challenge is running all September on Learn the tips of Elana Safronsky on how to make this delicious dessert. You still have time to participate of you feel like it. Via Food for Thought.

+ Do not miss the baby shower photos on Thompson Family-life. This is where these adorable party favors and the fun cupcakes come from. For more ideas on the theme, check out the vintage baby shower mood board designed by Kati of The Finer Things.

+ The HUGE Vinyl Alphabet wall decal by TastySuite looks sophisticated. It feels great in an office, a living room or a kid bedroom. Via melissahead yabberings, the blog of the woman behind Operation NICE.