3 blogs and a mood board – 2007.09.23 edition

Peoples Paper : Oh Happy Day : Better Living Through DesignWho said literacy has not place in party? This week’s mood board is about throwing Read & Write parties. You can host a book reading, a short story writing session, a book review tea party or a Haiku party.

Or books can simply be the gifts of honor. Books and Brunch is an amazing party concept. It is original and yet so simple to implement as a parent baby shower. Here, the new parents will be surprised with their baby’s library full on the best children classic.

The concept can be applied to any occasion. A teenager may want to grow his graphic novel collection for his birthday while cooking or home decorating books fit into the bridal shower spirit.

1 | Peoples Paper for DIY + Snow and Graham = Utterly Stylish!

Any party starts with the invites. Alphabet imprints from Snow & Graham make outstanding invitations at a fraction of the price of a custom job. All you need is a laser or inkjet printer to print your message. Thanks to Peoples Paper for publishing DIY + Snow and Graham = Utterly Stylish!, a post that highlighted this wonderful collection.

Ramillette imprint is shown here for a sleep over birthday party. Why not mix it with a Haiku party?

2 | Oh Happy Day for Party Ideas

A Haiku party would be a hit if you have friends that enjoy writing. This form of Japanese poetry was developed around a 5, 7, 5 structure.

According to Wikipedia, some of the more common practices in English are:

  • Use of three (or fewer) lines of no more than 17 total syllables;
  • Use of a season word;
  • Use of a cut (sometimes indicated by a punctuation mark) to contrast and compare, implicitly, two events, images, or situations.

Poetry is not my cup of tea. I first heard of a Haiku party when reading a post about Party Ideas on Oh Happy Day blog. In all fairness, Black Eiffel introduced the Haiku party idea on her post Parties I have known and loved by Kim Screen.

To duplicate this cool Haiku party, you need a typewriter, a cork bulletin board with pins and lots of white cards. The proposed formula is simply to type 3 lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables. Then, post your haiku on the cork board. If you cannot get your hand on a typewriter, a few pens or a calligraphy kit will work fine.

3 | Better Living Through Design for HANG Wall Hooks

Whether it is to hang purses or coats, the Hang Wall Hooks fit so well into our read and write party themes that I had no choice but to include it. I noticed them on Better Living Through Design.

The rules of my weekly column: 3 blogs and a mood board

Each Saturday, I selected three blog posts. The challenge for me is that I must create a mood board with pictures that other bloggers have posted in the last 7 days. The mood board must stay within the scope of my blog.

+ Snow & Graham Alphabet imprints at Luxe Paperie – price: $14 USD
+ Haiku on wikipedia
+ Hang Wall Hooks on Lekker – price: $68 USD