Word Graffiti and Single Alphabet Side Tables

alphabet side tables

If you wish to carry out the alphabet prints and word graffiti wall decor trends over your home, take a look at these side tables. It is not just for living room. Use any of these tables to put your stamp on a reading nook or as bedside table with your initial.

word graffiti table

The Alphabet side table at Andrew Martin spreads to the entire 26 letters of the alphabet. You could write a 3 to 4 letters word and if you wish, put a glass surface on the top. It is not simply for letters. Depending of its design, an A can become a 6 or a 9, an E can act as a 3. Have fun scribbling words with your furniture.

+ Andrew Martin Alphabet Side Tables £995 at Amy Nicholas
+ Oak veneer Alphabet Tables by Siskô in France

  • maria neta
    September 29, 2010 at 17:45

    I Woud like price single alphabet letter LOVE.