• new garage door

    Our new garage door

    It has been a while since I last published here. The renovations became a bigger project that I originally thought we would do. At the end of day, I didn’t have the…

  • home renovation tips

    The Ups and Downs of Home Renovation

    I have been quiet the past weeks because I oversee the renovations at the 1960s split-level house we bought in spring. Like we see on TV, my emotions went from total excitement to deception as…

  • happy mother day

    Happy Mother Day!

    Three years ago, I celebrated my first Mother’s Day. Now my baby boy is big enough to get me flowers. Time flies! This morning, the first thing I saw when I woke was…

  • schleich expedition truck with driver

    Toys I love: Schleich Trucks

    Schleich is known for their figurines. I like them for their trucks. Last year, we bought the farm truck with the trailer at the Biodome gift shop. My son played with them all the time. He enjoys removing…

  • porthole infusion vessel

    The Porthole Infuser Turns Drinks Into Tasty Art

    Originally designed to prepare and serve the seasonal time-lapse cocktails at the Aviary, Porthole is a stylish infuser designed by Martin Kastner of Crucial Detail design studio. It has been available to the public since…


    Yippee! We Bought a House

    I was a busy bee this Spring. First, I founded a business partner. I will tell you all about it later. For now, I want to tell you about the other…

  • lily and val Be Full Of Joy print

    Etsy handmade goods are now at Indigo

    After West Elm and Hudson’s Bay, Indigo is the latest retailer in Canada that carries a small collection of Etsy handmade wares. It continues to show that consumers want less mass-produced…