Yippee! We Bought a House

I was a busy bee this Spring. First, I founded a business partner. I will tell you all about it later. For now, I want to tell you about the other huge change in my life. We bought a house in the suburbs. After careful considerations and months of discussions, it became clear that we should head to the suburbs. It’s a big change for a city girl like me.

I love the interior of my current home but over the last year, it became clear that it didn’t fit our lifestyle anymore. We want to live in a place where our son could play with the kids next door, with great schools at a walking distance and where we feel good. So, we started to look for a family-friendly neighbourhood.

We browsed the real estate Web sites. We took many Sunday drives to explore potential neighbourhoods. They were first in the city. When we didn’t find what we were looking for in our price range; we extended the territory a little bit further. We asked a few friends for tours in their neighbourhoods. They told us what the types of homes that were on good streets, showed us the amenities (schools, parks, …), the selection of shops, and talked to us about what it feels like to live there. That helped us narrowing down where we wanted to live.

A few weeks ago, we found a split-level house with a floor plan fitted for us. My son will get a playroom and a yard to play while my husband will get a man cave and a workshop to do projects with our son. As for myself, I will get a large open kitchen/dining/lounging space perfect for entertaining, a sunny home and at last, a closed office.

Naturally, there are plenty of small and bigger projects that need to done before our move this summer. I want to bring the house to my taste and exact needs. You will hear about my design and decor choices as they develop. I thrilled! Life is good!