Toys I love: Schleich Trucks

schleich expedition truck with driver

Schleich is known for their figurines. I like them for their trucks. Last year, we bought the farm truck with the trailer at the Biodome gift shop. My son played with them all the time. He enjoys removing and putting back the doors, the wheels, the roof and the trailer sides. I wanted to get another Schleich truck since we were so happy it with them. We bought this brown stripes Safari truck yesterday. He likes it a lot. He brought his new truck next to his bed before going to bed last night. This is the closest that he is allowed to bring toys at bedtime.

Schleich makes vehicles that are sturdy but that won’t damage your home. My son rolls the trucks with all his weight without damaging them. They aren’t cheap but my husband and I feel that they are worth every penny. My only sadness is Schleich doesn’t make more vehicles. But, on the other end, he has plenty of other toys to play with.