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    gleePEEPS collection by Polkaros

    gleepeeps pouffes

    gleepeeps pouffes

    As soon as I laid my eyes on the totem made of gleePEEPS pouffes, I was hooked. I want the gleePEEPS pouffes and character bolster cushions to become my son’s friends. They could join him in his bedroom and be invited in my living room from time to time.

    gleePEEPS are the creations of Singapore-born lifestyle product designer Ros Lee. She lives and works in Japan since 2005.

    chapstick holder

    Ros sells some of her creations at her online store, Polkaros. Another fun product that Ros made is her cute animal Chapstick holders. She offered free shipping worldwide! I only wish that they were clip-ons.

    + photos: Works by Polkaros
    + Chapstick holder $15 USD at Polkaros


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