Souvenirs from Japan

apica notebook with my furoshiki cloths bought in japan

apica notebook with my furoshiki cloths bought in japan

I needed new books to manage my projects when I remembered the index of the Apica notebook. I saw people using them on my trip to Japan.

Luckily for me, I can find them in Montreal at Papeterie Nota Bene, a fine stationery store. It is my place for notebooks. I opted for the Apica 6B5, a 50-sheet notebook. I will use it to keep track on what happens at meetings. There is a spot on the right corner of every page designed to write the date.

apica notebook index

The index page enables you to quickly find what inside your notebook. I love the Japanese efficiency.

The small Apica 5B4 is perfect to carry on my purse. I always keep a small notebook with me to write ideas while I’m on the go. I also use my iPhone to take notes but nothing beats the fast pace of a pen and paper.

Japanese Paper and Textiles

I styled the picture with my collection of furoshiki cloths. I loved them. Some were gifts that I received from a Japanese guy that we met. One was used by the shop Aritsugu to wrap my kitchen knifes. And I bought the rest at a textile shop. I wish I bought the modern pattern furoshiki cloths I saw at the Edo-Tokyo museum.

  • hearttypat
    June 14, 2010 at 10:50

    Yes, i totally agree.. nothing beats the pen and the paper! Well, just looking at these japanese notebooks is definitely inspirational!