My Momo Dinnerware by Marukatsu

momo plates, trays and cups by marukatsu

I could not visit Japan without buying some tableware. I resisted many items since the way Japanese food presentation is quite different than how we eat as Westerners. In Japan, they use tons of bowls, from medium size to the tiniest bowls, in every meal. I opted instead for plates that I know I will use over and over. I plan to use the white cup and its tray for breakfast or to serve a sweet treat with our tea. I paired the cup with a black salad plate to fashion a breakfast set for 2.

Then, I bought the black and the white L-shape plates and a few rectangular plates for serving appetizers when we entertain.

ta-ta-la bikoku dish by marukatsu

My husband, who does not share my passion for tableware, provided good advice on what would be practical at home. The only thing I regret that I did not buy is a medium size ta-ta-la Kikoku dish. My plates and cups are in the dishwasher as I am writing this post. Now, I just need to find how I can fit them inside my already full kitchen cabinets.

Kappabashi district

Marukatsu is located in the Kappabashi district of Tokyo, which is next to the Asakusa district. Kappabashi has become a hot tourist spot.  This is the restaurant supply shopping street where you can find anything you need to open a restaurant. For my friends living in Montreal, think about Distribution Alimentaire Aubut‎‎ but multiply it to a long street of shops and add restaurant furniture and decorative items. Kappabashi is heaven for someone who likes to entertain at home. I bought two bags of individual plastic bottles to serve sauce or vinaigrette, including a bag of pig bottles. They will bring a cater look to my food presentation.

+ photos: Momo by Marukatsu

  • indigonat
    May 6, 2010 at 12:32

    Looks stunning! I love it! Japanese have a way to make simple things stylish. Them and the Norther Europeans (Swedish, Finnish and Danish)

  • At Home with Kim Vallee
    May 6, 2010 at 13:12

    You are right, Nathalie. In fact, I felt that a part of their modern furniture design was inspired by Scandinavian design.

  • Line Atallah
    May 6, 2010 at 18:33

    I agree with you Nathalie! I am in love with everything Japanese, and everything Northern European 🙂