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    Office Desk Accessories: three styles

    shop by color

    shop by color
    photo credits: Poppin

    A beautifully styled desk makes me more productive because I feel better and more energized. Plus, it helps me release my creativity. I found that desk accessories make all the difference. They can transform the mood of your home office area. I propose you three ways to do that.

    Shop by Color

    aqua tape dispenser and pen holder
    sourcing: Aqua Tape Dispenser $12 and Pen Cup $6 at Poppin

    If your design is based on one color, make a stop at Poppin where you can shop by color. Their glossy plastic desk accessories will brighten your day. They also sell office furniture in the same color palette.

    Go Vintage / Old Technology

    Poulain Tape Dispenser
    sourcing: Poulain Tape Dispenser $24 USD at Anthropologie

    After the rebirth of the vintage typewriters as a wonderful decor element, we now see plenty of accessories designed around the vintage cameras, radios or TV. I like this mix of old with new technology.

    mini it
    sourcing: Mini It $5 USD at Connect Design

    Moss Studios vintage camera bookends
    photo credits: Vintage Cameras bookends by Moss Studios at Anthropologie – no longer available 

    To reproduce this style, get inspired by the handmade Vintage Cameras bookends by Moss Studios or the Mini It. Do not limit yourself to desk accessories, you can use also art prints and illustrations to create this look. The Mini It is an old TV stand that can be used a mini post-it dispenser or a photo frame.

    Quirky and Fun Items

    Specialists say that humor, surprises, and anything that clears your mind enable you not only to relax but to solve a problem that was difficult. This is why it might be good to put on your desk accessories that are out of the ordinary.

    besom holder
    sourcing: Besom Holder $68 USD at Anthropologie


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