7 Cool Desk Accessories

desk accessories :: filex :: cavanelli clothespins and clips :: recycled bindersI received my FILEX Emma by International Arrivals this week. It looks even better for real. This inspired to go on a quest to find the coolest desk accessories.

I cannot guarantee any of those will stimulate you to work harder but I know you will feel joyful if you surround your desk with cute and whimsical office supplies.

Be Kind to the Earth

Grass Roots is a good source. I found a mini blue box that fits in the palm of your hand and recycled binders there.

Did you know that you could repurpose the ring metals affixed with two screws and t-nuts instead of putting them in the trashcan when the corrugated cardboard binders are too worn?

For Organization

Besides the FILEX folders, the Task clips are pretty cool. You can get the Utility Clips (Do, File, Send, Read), the Timing Clips (Now, Tomorrow, This Week, Someday), and the Importance Task Clips (Urgent, Important, Can Wait, Trivial).

Give a future business owner the Decision Kit to get her or him started in the new role. Cavanelli puts in tin boxes two office essentials: paper clips and mini clothespins. Use the clothespins to display photos, postcards or brochures along a string.

+ FILEX folders at International Arrivals – $6.95 USD for 6 files
+ Cavallini Can o’ Clips at Vickery – $5.50 USD for box of 24 mini clothespins
+ Cavallini Clipiola Italian Paper Clips at Vickery– $7.50 USD for box of 125
+ Recycled Binders at Grass Roots – $6.99 USD
+ Mini Blue Box at Grass Roots – $2.50 USD
+ Utility Task Bins at Knock Knock – $9 USD
+ Decision Kit at Knock Knock – $21 USD

  • Sabina
    September 26, 2008 at 14:08

    I’m always up for desk accessories – these are wonderful!!

    Take care Kim and have a great weekend. 🙂
    Sabina ~