Stylish Yet Witty Bookends

cool bookends :: clity slickers :: reading sophisticates :: growing together wall shelf with tube vases

These are the proof that bookends do not have to be boring. The bookend sets are definitively out of the ordinary. They would bring style and a theatrical sense of humor in your home décor.

City Slickers Bookends position the three figurines dressed with blazers and caps to give the illusion that they are walking through the books. Reading Sophisticates feature an urban chic man and a woman, each absorbed in their book. It is good to know that Wrapables offers volume discount on bookends.

Chris Collicott designed a leaning version and a pushing version of his bookend men. They exhibit an art deco influence.

The wall shelf neatly hold books, magazines and CDs. On the side, three tube vases let you display a single flower or colorful pebbles. The couple figurines are engaged in gardening. Any of these would make an amazing housewarming gift.

+ City Slickers Bookends – $ 71.95 USD
+ Reading Sophisticates Bookends – $59.95 USD
+ Growing Together Shelf with Tube Vases – $82.95 USD
+ Bookend Men – $41.95 USD for set of 2