Submission Policy

If you still believe that your pitch is pertinent to At Home with Kim Vallee after you read the policy below, head to my contact page to know how to reach me.

Due to time constraint, I don’t respond to submissions unless I want more information. I typically don’t respond to media event invitations unless I wish to attend the event.

Editorial Policy on Samples and Media Event Invitations

I’m picky about what makes it to this blog. The content has to fit my editorial mission, my views, my goals, and my modern aesthetic criteria. Having said that, I sometimes accept invitations to attend media events or to receive free samples to experience a product.

To not waste your time nor mine, make sure that what you’re pitching:

  1. Is fresh news and newsworthy? I’m not interested if the product is common or the topic is widely covered.
  2. Don’t pitch me another ecommerce site that sells home decor products, a new yogourt, a new detergent or a fashion collection.

What could pick my interest are studies, toys, apps, products, methods, activities, events, talks, ideas that relates to the following. Does your pitch pass this test:

  1. Is it for early childhood development (up to 8 years old), learning through play  or preparing young children for the future?
  2. Does it help family with young children save time, get organized or simplify their life?
  3. Is it a fun activity for kids or for all the family?
  4. Does it fit my modern aesthetic taste, my design style? Check my latest posts to see what I like. Contact me only if your product is of the same caliber of what you saw on my latest posts.
  5. Is it for an innovation that solves a real problem, a real pain point for families? I want more than a cool gadget. I want meaningful. I want things with a purpose. Ex: Nest is a smart innovation for my house. A fridge that can automatically order the water filter is not.

Coverage is at my own discretion

I never return samples to the company. The fact that I attended a media event or received a sample never guarantees coverage on At Home with Kim Vallee and on social media. To be clear, there is no guarantee whatsoever that I’ll write a post, share on Facebook or tweet about a sample I received or an event that I attended — even if I like it. If I post something on my blog, I will inform my readers that I received a free sample or attended your event. In any case, I’ll talk about it at a time that fits my editorial agenda, not yours.

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