Galaxy Zack shows early readers what it’s like to live on another planet

I searched for another sci-fi book series for my five year-old son while we wait for the 6th volume of the DATA Set series due in March. I found it with Galaxy Zack.

Author Ray O’Ryan centered this fun-to-read series on Zack Nelson, an eight-year old boy from Earth who moved with his family to a planet called Nebulon. Interplanetary space travel and having extraterrestrial friends are common in the year 2120. Zack lived many aventures in a “grape” futuristic universe. Along the way, he meets a few old and new friends. 

Each time they read a sci-fi book, parents and children have a chance to explore new ideas, to discuss emotions and social conventions, and to fuel children’s imagination.

This is exactly what happens when my son and I read Galaxy Zack. Take last night for instance. I asked my son what else we could use other than my iPhone, my Apple watch or the hyperphone used on planet Nebulon. My son described his idea and we pretend played his concept. Then, we got back to reading The Annoying Crush, book #9.

Galaxy Zack is more than stories about visiting planets, robot assistants and technological gadgets. Most stories portrayed social situations that are relevant to the life of kids aged 5 to 8. Through the books and by discussing with their parents, children learn how to behave or how to react in these common situations.

So far, seven of the 14 published books are displayed in my son’s bookcase. I pre-ordered Ready, Set, Blast Off!, the fifteenth Galaxy Zack adventure scheduled for the end of March. We’re looking forward to this epic Intergalactic Space Race.