The DATA Set, perfect for young sci-fi readers

If you are looking for a way to introduce a child aged 5 to 8 to the science-fiction genre, look no further than the DATA set chapter books. The filled with danger, action, trouble and adventure stories are fun, easy to read and beautifully illustrated. Illustrations are important at this age. The storylines grab my son’s attention. He looks forward to the next chapter.

data set chapter books

Like in any science-fiction story, the imaginary mixes with elements from real life world. The main characters are members of the DATA set, a private science club formed by three friends: Gabe, Laura and Cesar. In book #4, they welcome a new member, Olive. Her family moved and Olive just transferred to their school. Social interactions and life situations meaningful to K-2 students are integrated into the stories. What I enjoy the most, as a parent, is that these sci-fi books are action-packed with science-related adventures.

Congratulations to Ada Hopper for writing the DATA set. We need more sci-fi books for young readers. Sam Ricks is the illustrator. Five books are published so far — all in 2016, which is why many haven’t heard about these books. Frankly, they deserve more press coverage. The next book is scheduled for March 2016. I pre-ordered ours already. It says it all.