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Vintage WWII’s Fourth of July Dessert Table

Vintage 4th of July dessert table

Vintage 4th of July dessert table

The 4th of July dessert table styled by Marcie of Celebrating the Moments is absolutely gorgeous. She decided to craft a theme around the WWII era. Her attention to details and her use of vintage props set the mood. This is how you create an ambiance.

Vintage US flag Cookies for the fourth of july

She asked her friend Marilyn of Whatever Whimsy to decorate fondant flag cookies and button cookies. I like how Marilyn was able to infuse a vintage feel to the flag cookies. Go see Marcie’s blog, there are plenty more photos.

Vintage wwii  4th of July party theme

+ photos: Celebrating the Moments
+ via Pizzazzerie


Etsy Finds | Vintage Picnic Baskets

picnic basket vintage woven wicker etsy

picnic basket vintage woven wicker etsy

From backpacks and totes, to mini kitchens on wheels – complete with insulated interiors and built-in MP3 players – picnic baskets aren’t what they used to be. Don’t get us wrong: we love modern kitchen conveniences and a comfortable shoulder strap, but sometimes stylish simplicity wins out.

To kick off outdoor eating season, we scoured Etsy for vintage vessels to pack our picnics in.

+ Above, an extra large wicker version with sturdy handles means you can pack enough to nosh all day. ($150 from Something Old Vintage)

picnic baskets vintage woven wicker etsy

+ Think insulation is a modern convenience? This large, dark wicker basket comes with a removable tin ice bin to ensure a chilled afternoon. ($50 from Collecting Carlton)

+ The warm woven wood and classic hinged lid on this classic basket is the of lazy summer days. Bonus: it comes with a second interior basket to organize supplies. ($49 from AM Radio)

picnic basket vintage metal woven print etsy

+ Love the look of wicker, but not as much as clean lines? This kitschy metal “basket” has the best of both styles. ($18.48 from Gingers Girl)

picnic basket vintage metal thermos wood grain etsy

+ A relic of the fab ’50s, this square-shaped picnic tin has a faux wood grain pattern and curved oak handles, with a sunny yellow interior. ($35 from Junk in Da Trunk Girls)

picnic basket vintage metal green etsy

+ My pick of the pack: an emerald green metal beauty that’s seen its share of afternoons in the grass. ($29 from Bird in Hand Vintage Home)


New Uses for Old Things | Wooden Pallets

wood pallet coffee table reuse

wood pallet coffee table reuse

April may be the month when the urge to spring clean takes over, but it’s also the month when we seem to give the most thought to our environmental impact. While you’re in the midst of purging and re-organizing, don’t underestimate the power of re-purposing. Case in point: the lowly wooden shipping pallet.

They’re easy to overlook leaning against dumpsters and tossed in ditches, but wooden pallets also have built-in rustic charm with a nod to industrial functionality. With a bit of TLC, they can be transformed into fresh furniture pieces or smart storage. We rounded-up a few clever DIY examples. Don’t miss all the step-by-step instructions for these projects in the “Sourcing” section below!

Pallet-Turned-Coffee Table

A bit of sanding, four castors, a glass top and a coat of stain or paint turn these pallets into large coffee tables with built-in shelves for storing books, magazines and removes.

wood pallet reuse table lounge day bed

Pallet-Turned-Day Bed

Add a futon mattress or high-density foam topper to a painted pallet to create a day bed or lounge. Perfect in a finished basement or a teenager’s bedroom.


wood pallet wine rack plate shelf reuse

The basic construction of wooden pallets makes them prime storage solutions (especially for wine). On the left, they’re stacked and lined with deep rectangular baking sheets for bar storage. Mounted on the wall (right), the slats are perfect for displaying a collection of pretty plates.


wood pallet balcony garden

For apartment dwellers who want a balcony garden without tons of hanging baskets or heavy pots, line a pallet with landscape fabric to keep soil inside – then plan to your heart’s content.

+ DIY Coffee Table 1 from Noepa Hjertet /  DIY Coffee Table 2 from Fjasevashuseton, both on
+ DIY Day Bed from Siljesol on
+ DIY Wine Shelving from
+ DIY Plate Rack by Katrin Arens on Remodelista
+ Balcony Garden from Life on the Balcony


Sweet Lucie’s Organic Ice Cream Cart

sweet lucie's vintage ice cream cart

sweet lucie's vintage ice cream cart

Sweet Lucie’s is another cute story born from the desire of parents-to-be to eat organic food. The idea emerged from the ice cream craving of Geri. This explained why owners Geri and Mike Czako named business after their little girl.

I was sold when I first laid my eyes on their charming 1950’s ice cream truck and their vintage ice cream cart. From the reviews I read online, their organic ice cream is supposed to be divine. I say “Bravo!” for developing such a superb concept.

Serving Southern California

sweet lucie's organic ice cream vintage cart and truck

If I was hosting a wedding, a birthday party, a bar/bat mitzvah or a special private party in the Southern California area, I would give them a call. Sweet Lucie’s can cater up to 600 guests per event but you do not have to host a huge party like that go with this party rental service. I know that they were hired for a 40th birthday party, kids birthdays, weddings and a golf tournament. Sweet Lucie’s will work with you to tailor the ice cream flavors to your taste and party theme. They can also serve a sunday bar.

sweet lucie's mint lemonade sorbet recipe

As far as I know they did not start yet, but they should bring their ice cream to the streets of Southern California in a near future. For the rest of us who live too far to enjoy their tasty ice cream, we can prepare their Simple At-Home Organic Mint Lemonade Sorbet Recipe.

+ Sweet Lucie’s
+ Sweet Lucie’s at The Knot event – photo by Duke Photography Inc.
+ Simple At-Home Organic Mint Lemonade Sorbet Recipe on Tastespotting’s blog


Vintage Bikes, Food+Flower+Style and Hotel Chocolat

front door of hotel chocolat on newbury street in boston

delivery bike of food+flower+style

It seems that not only city cyclers fall in love with vintage bikes. Vintage bikes unite my story of two retailers. Plus, both brands rely on their unique creations to do business.


event design by food+flower+style

Food+Flower+Style is the retail place of two sisters with a background in food and floral arrangements. I like what they do. They specialize in event and floral design. One particularly is that they often flowers with their vintage style bicycle. They serve San Francisco and New York. They deliver by bike chocolate, flowers and home decor accessories (style).

days of the week dishtowels

The nostalgic feeling of their Days of the week dishtowels is cute and comforting. They are flexible on the tasks you can print on the dishtowels.

Hotel Chocolat

front door of hotel chocolat on newbury street in boston

Seeing the British old-fashioned bike in front of Hotel Chocolat invited me to enter their chocolate shop. This British chocolatier transformed me into a customer with their Less Sugar, More Cacao recipes.

hotel chocolat newbury street location

This British chocolate maker opens two stores so far in The United States. Both are in Boston. I took pictures at the Newbury Street location. If you wish to become more savvy with your cacao, Hotel Chocolat offers Tasting classes that cost $50 per person. This can be a fun event among friends.

inside view of hotel chocolat newbury street location

It was hard to decide what I wanted from their vast selection. Sadly, the US Web site only shows a few products. A cool thing is that they produce a seasonal chocolate collection where the fillings reflect the seasonal produces. I bought several bars and boxes that pleased my taste buds. I will definitely go back on my next trip to Boston.

+ Days of the week dishtowels $35 USD
+ Food+Flower+Style – via Design Mom
+ Hotel Chocolat in the United States
+ The British site of Hotel Chocolat that sells online


Vintage Baby Shower Theme

vintage baby shower party decorations by jen loves kev

vintage baby shower party decorations by jen loves kev

A baby shower does not need to be only about baby stuff. Jen of Jen Loves Kev decided to celebrate her family heritage instead. Her vintage baby shower was filled with old-fashioned games and fashion style. A few guests wore epoch clothes. They planned the entire theme in advance. It took them a few months to collect enough old, fancy glasses from thrift stores for all the guests.

grandma's pickles jar label

Nice details like the label on the Grandma’s Pickles jar personalized the theme. And it simple to do without modern equipment. Simply draw the label with color pens on a brown paper sheet.

+ See more at Jen Loves Kev


Floral Arrangements for a Sweet Bicycle Theme

centerpieces my bride story

centerpieces my bride story

The peonies and craspedia steal the show here. I like the burst of color and the sculptural simplicity of the floral arrangements. The designer creatively put emphasis on two blooms. The bouquet on the right is ideal for a chic picnic.  Below is a more rustic version.

picnic centerpieces for a vintage bicycle party theme

More Party Decor Ideas

Both events were designed around the same theme. In fact, an Anthropologie inspired outdoor picnic inspired the decor of the summer wedding. Let’s have a look at details that you could steal for your next event.

ice cream station with spoons on a bicycle basket

The bright yellow spoons look great next to the soft pink spoons. Do not hesitate to bring unexpected or vintage pieces into your party decor. Take for example, the bicycle basket that was used for the plastic spoons. Or the vintage bicycle and vintage tub. Galvanized metal items fit well with this theme. Usually, Pottery Barn and Ikea always carry a few galvanized metal items.

lemonade station with galvanized jar

+ Summer Bicycle Inspired Wedding on My Bride Story – photos: Don David Style Photography
+ Anthropologie inspired rehearsal dinner on Green Wedding Shoes – photos: Schnack Studios


Luddite Tableware by Thomas Paul

luddite dinnerware by thomas paul

luddite dinnerware by thomas paul

There is something about the old-fashioned, almost Victorian look of this small tableware collection designed by Thomas Paul that I find very appealing. I guess it is because it invites you to take it easy for a while.

luddite tray and beaker - highball glass by thomas paul

Luddite was a social movement organized by the British textile artisans to show their opposition to the industrial process. Thomas Paul designed this collection as a reference to a simpler way of living. It could be the starting point of a tabletop for a gentleman’s birthday or a baby shower for parents.

+ Thomas Paul Luddite Dinner Plate $10 USD at Velocity
+ Luddite Side Plate by Thomas Paul $8
+ Luddite Tray by Thomas Paul $26
+ Luddite Beaker by Thomas Paul $10


Vintage Style Lamps by The Owls Are Hunting

Vintage style Lamps by The Owls Are Hunting

Vintage style Lamps by The Owls Are Hunting

Holly of Decor8 introduced these gorgeous lamps this morning. I love them. They are the creations of a British girl called Jo who now lives in Canberra, Australia.

Jo chronicles her work on a blog. Her company is named The Owls are Hunting. She specializes in handmade, vintage inspired lamps and lampshades. They ship worldwide on request, if you are interested.

+ The Owls are Hunting’s online shop $80-$120


Vintage Style Baubles at Pale and Interesting

vintage style baubles

Styled photos in catalogues and magazines are often a source of inspiration. I never thought of hanging baubles on a deer horn. I do not know how it looks in the room. For certain, it looks stunning as a close-up picture.

I was not surprised by this out of the ordinary touch after I read that Pale and Interesting was founded by a couple who worked in the magazine, photography and design industries before launching their online store. Their keen eye results in a unique catalogue that teams old with new. I find it quite relaxing to browse their Web site.

Vintage Style Ornaments

The most stunning baubles I found so far are available at this small UK retailer. I see a pattern emerging from my coverage of Holiday decorations. Besides the knitted ornaments and the tweed animals that I bought earlier, the Christmas ornaments that captured most my imagination this year seem to be the vintage style baubles. I guess I feel romantic and cozy these days.

Simple Ways to Deck your Home

simple ways to deck your house for the holidays

I also wish to point the fact that you do not need a big Christmas tree to deck your home for the Holidays. Setting a few vignettes across your home can look stunning. Put your attention on the entry way, the living room and the dining room. The idea is to create a cohesive look by integrating baubles and ornaments into your usual decor. Otherwise, your Holiday decorations may seem out of place.

You can add sprinkles simply by putting on the buffet table your silver footed trays and candlesticks. Then, gather a few baubles on a silver tray or inside a glass container. If you have a tall vase, get an assortment of baubles in a single color. Mix shiny with mat, small with big to add textures and movements to your display.

There are a few ideas that you can explore. I will show more over the coming weeks.

+ Vintage Style Glass Baubles £6.95
Set of Five Antiqued Silver Baubles in a Bag £10.95
+ Set of Two Mercury Glass Tea Light Holders £3.95