Sweet Lucie’s Organic Ice Cream Cart

sweet lucie's vintage ice cream cart

sweet lucie's vintage ice cream cart

Sweet Lucie’s is another cute story born from the desire of parents-to-be to eat organic food. The idea emerged from the ice cream craving of Geri. This explained why owners Geri and Mike Czako named business after their little girl.

I was sold when I first laid my eyes on their charming 1950’s ice cream truck and their vintage ice cream cart. From the reviews I read online, their organic ice cream is supposed to be divine. I say “Bravo!” for developing such a superb concept.

Serving Southern California

sweet lucie's organic ice cream vintage cart and truck

If I was hosting a wedding, a birthday party, a bar/bat mitzvah or a special private party in the Southern California area, I would give them a call. Sweet Lucie’s can cater up to 600 guests per event but you do not have to host a huge party like that go with this party rental service. I know that they were hired for a 40th birthday party, kids birthdays, weddings and a golf tournament. Sweet Lucie’s will work with you to tailor the ice cream flavors to your taste and party theme. They can also serve a sunday bar.

sweet lucie's mint lemonade sorbet recipe

As far as I know they did not start yet, but they should bring their ice cream to the streets of Southern California in a near future. For the rest of us who live too far to enjoy their tasty ice cream, we can prepare their Simple At-Home Organic Mint Lemonade Sorbet Recipe.

+ Sweet Lucie’s
+ Sweet Lucie’s at The Knot event – photo by Duke Photography Inc.
+ Simple At-Home Organic Mint Lemonade Sorbet Recipe on Tastespotting’s blog

  • Joel Semanko
    October 25, 2010 at 16:35

    HI Kim,

    I love following great stories about the ice cream industry and trucks. I agree this ice cream truck is really sweet and has a great retro look. I’m hoping to see it in Southern California soon because it is a significantly different look and image than the majority of trucks operating in Southern CA.

    I recently enjoyed wathcing a quick introduction to Archie’s Ice Cream in LA on the food Network.

    My company is not making organic ice cream, but it is reinventing the ice cream truck with a new look and image. We’re in the process of opening it as a franchise business opportunity in Southern California, specifically San Diego right now.

    Please keep posting great stories about what’s new and cool in the ice cream industry, I enjoy reading your blog.