Luddite Tableware by Thomas Paul

luddite dinnerware by thomas paul

There is something about the old-fashioned, almost Victorian look of this small tableware collection designed by Thomas Paul that I find very appealing. I guess it is because it invites you to take it easy for a while.

luddite tray and beaker - highball glass by thomas paul

Luddite was a social movement organized by the British textile artisans to show their opposition to the industrial process. Thomas Paul designed this collection as a reference to a simpler way of living. It could be the starting point of a tabletop for a gentleman’s birthday or a baby shower for parents.

+ Thomas Paul Luddite Dinner Plate $10 USD at Velocity
+ Luddite Side Plate by Thomas Paul $8
+ Luddite Tray by Thomas Paul $26
+ Luddite Beaker by Thomas Paul $10