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Angry Birds Sweet Table

angry birds birthday boy sweet table

Angry Birds continue to be a popular theme with grade school kids. Elena and Sandy from Style Me Sweet styled a beautiful sweet table for a 6 years old birthday boy.

Kids were presented with an assortment of Angry Birds lollipop cookies, cupcakes and a stunning birthday cake. See more pictures at Amy Butler’s blog.


Venitian Ball Sweet Table by Kréavie

Bal a Venice sweet table

carnival of venice costumes and masks

Every month, the talented team at Kréavie shared the making of a fabulous themed sweet table. For February, they designed a sweet table in honor of the Carnevale (Carnival of Venice). It is a one of a kind event that I would like to attend one day. People wear outstanding epoch costumes with the famous Venetian masks.

Bal a Venice sweet table

If you wish to make your own, you will need several props to make it works. Gold traditional elements are a must. It is the perfect occasion to use the formal crystal trays that your grandmother gave you.

crystal and macaron tree :: gold powder food painting

Attention to details, like the crystal and macaron tree or the application of gold powder on the meringues, adds opulence to the presentation.

Sweet table : Une dernière danse avant la fin du Bal at Kréavie – photos by Julia C. Vona
+ Sweet table : Bal à Venise at Kréavie – photos by Julia C. Vona
+ Carnival of Venice photos – 7th March 2011 and 8th March 2011


An Hitachi Grill Heater Used as an Indoor S’mores Burner

hitachi set used as a s'mores burner

hitachi set used as a s'mores burner

One reader on Facebook asked me where to find the s’more burners that were used at a wedding from my s’more stations round-up. I browsed the Web and found the source. It’s a small Hibachi Grill heater. It has an antique-look brass finish and a dragon pattern.

You simply scoop your favorite gel-style chafing fuel out of its canister, place it in the fuel holder, and light. Then, bring the marshmallows, chocolate, graham cookies and long wood sticks at the table to enjoy a delicious treat.

+ Hibachi Set with Grill and Fuel Holder $15.99 USD at The Webstaurant Store


Inspirations to Make Your Own S’mores Station

s'mores bar styled by amy atlas

s'mores bar styled by amy atlas

An alternative to a sweet table is a s’mores buffet table. There is no need to do a camping trip to enjoy them. You can do it for an indoor event as well as an outdoor event. It’s a theme that will please kids and adults. I gathered great executions that could inspire you for a future party.

From the ultimate reference in sweet tables, I introduced first the s’mores bar realized by Amy Atlas for a magazine photo shoot. She did more than served the traditional s’mores. Her table includes s’mores cupcakes, s’mores mousse shots, homemade mallomars, and fluffernut chocolate chip sandwiches, mushroom chocolate truffles, and chocolate bark.

campout party s'mores buffet table

Then, there is the s’more dessert buffet that Lisa of Moore Minutes designed for her son campout birthday party. Her boys and a friend received a treat. I love all the details. Go see more photos of her s’more buffet table and the details of this amazing campout birthday party.

For Weddings

s'mores station at a wedding reception

Brides and grooms also opted to cater a s’mores station. You can set up everything in trays like you see here. I would recommend a tray per one or two couples.

indoor s'mores station

Or you can create a true station by hiding cans of Sterno cooking fuel in fire resistant boxes.

+ S’mores Bar by Amy Atlas – photo by Antonis Achilleos.
+ S’More Dessert Buffet for a campout party at Moore Minute
+ S’mores station served in trays – photo by Assaf Friedman Photography
+ S’mores station at a wedding – photos by Jolynne Photography


Three Holiday Recipes by Ricardo

Creamy fudge spread by ricardo

Creamy fudge spread by ricardo

Here are three simple Holiday recipes from Ricardo Larrivée, that many of you know from his cooking show Ricardo and Friends at Food Network Canada. For party favors or hostess gifts, you can make several jars of Creamy Fudge Spread. It will also come handy if you host a brunch.

cookie kit by ricardo

No need of having any baking skills to bring a Cookie Kit in the jar to the hostess. Simply write the step-by-step instructions on a nice piece of paper or a gift tag.

clementine-flavored vodka by ricardo

You can bring at a party a bottle of your own Clementine-Flavored Vodka. It is made with freshly squeezed clementine juice, lemon juice, sliced clementines, sliced lemon, sugar and your favorite vodka.


Candy Corn Cupcakes and Cookies for Halloween

candy corn cupcake and cookie recipes for halloween

candy corn cupcake and cookie recipes for halloween

There is no need to be a master baker to create fun desserts and treats for Halloween. Spreading candy corns around simply decorated Candy corn cupcakes is enough to create the right mood.

Halloween candy table

Get more ideas on how to use candy corn for your Halloween baking at and at Amy Atlas. And for last minute inspirations, look at how you can dress up a candy table with store-bought candies.

+ Candy corn cupcakes at The Curvy Carrot
+ Candy Corn and Peanut Cookies at Pionneer Woman
+ Candy Corn Shortbread cookies at


Free Halloween Printable Tags and Stickers

Halloween printable tags and stickers

Halloween printable tags and stickers

We’ve been rounding-up cool and kooky printable Halloween projects from all over the web. Now here’s two you’ll only find here!

These printable stickers and tags feature classic Halloween characters – a vampire, a werewolf, a mummy and Frankenstein himself – in bright and bold colours. Use them to add something extra to treat bags, party invites or a food table.

Get creative and be sure to let us know how you use them! Here are the links to download the files:

+ Classic Halloween Stickers – design: Heart Heather by Heather Watterworth
+ Classic Halloween Tags – design: Heart Heather


Creepy Jigglers

creepy jigglers

creepy jigglers

Have a look at those stylish Jello Jiggler bites with gummy body parts trapped inside. Leave it to Jenn from Hostess with the Mostess to elevate a simple treat. I like her idea to present them in an appetizer plate.

She mixed vodka with water to make a grown-up version. Although you can use any flavor, the yellow one delivers the creepiest look since it shows more of the trapped body parts.

+ Get the Creepy Jiggler and Shooter recipes at Hostess with the Mostess
+ Halloween Organ Harvest Gummy Candies $3.99 at Oriental Trading
+ Gummy Body Parts


Halloween Caramel Apples, Cupcake Papers and Wire Tiered Stands

caramel apples for halloween

caramel apples for halloween

Caramel Apples are ready to eat in one hour. It takes about 30 minutes to make them.  Add 30 minutes to cool them in the fridge. Real Simple proposes a no fuss Caramel Apple recipe where you melt the generic caramel squares. If you are more fancy, you could heat a finer caramel. Local candy shops or gourmet shops sell caramel in a jar. If you live in Montreal, I suggest that you check Kréavie. They make a delicious Salted butter caramel.

halloween cupcake papers

You can wrap the caramel apples in clear cellophane paper that you tie with an orange ribbon. If you make a sweet table, deposit each caramel apple on a Halloween themed cupcake paper. I bought the Halloween cupcake paper set at Crate & Barrel.

French Wire Tiered Stand

Aim for a wire tiered stand or a black porcelain stand for your sweet table. Target had a Web Pastry Stand that screams Halloween; unfortunately, it is marked out of stock on their Web site. Another option is the French Wire Tiered Stand that I like because you can use it any way you want. Each tier can be used on its own or you can use only two tiers.

+ Caramel Apple recipe on Real Simple
+ Web Pastry Stand at Target
+ Halloween cupcake paper set $4.95 at Crate & Barrel
+ French Wire Tiered Stand $51.96 at Willow House


Halloween Candies and Treat Bags

blood candy bags and gummy blood for Halloween

blood candy bags and gummy blood for Halloween

You create the ultimate effect when you match the candies and candy bags to your Halloween theme. They acknowledge that they play a big part if you treat them as a party decor. The Candy Blood Bags and the Gummy Blood would highlight a mystery murder or Dexter Halloween party theme.

Mad Scientist Party theme

gummy eyeballs and eyeball print lollipops for halloween

Go for Gummy Eyeballs, the Eyeball Print Lollipops and the Interlocking Bone Candies if you host a Mad Scientist Halloween party.

Interlocking Bone Candies in a coffin box

Vampire theme party

candy favor bags by martha stewart

If you are looking for something stylish, check out the Martha Stewart Crafts collection. Her candy bags are awesome.

+ Candy Blood Bags on sale at $3.49 USD per dozen at Oriental Trading
+ Gummy Blood on sale at $3.49 for 46 pieces
+ Gummy Eyeballs $6.99 for 46 pieces
+ Eyeball Print Lollipops on sale at $4.49 for 46 pieces
+ Interlocking Bone Candies on sale $9.99 per dozen
+ Martha Stewart’s Coffin Treat Boxes $7.99 for [affiliate link]
+ Vampire Treat bags $5.99 for 12 assorted bags – 4 patterns