Halloween Candies and Treat Bags

blood candy bags and gummy blood for Halloween

blood candy bags and gummy blood for Halloween

You create the ultimate effect when you match the candies and candy bags to your Halloween theme. They acknowledge that they play a big part if you treat them as a party decor. The Candy Blood Bags and the Gummy Blood would highlight a mystery murder or Dexter Halloween party theme.

Mad Scientist Party theme

gummy eyeballs and eyeball print lollipops for halloween

Go for Gummy Eyeballs, the Eyeball Print Lollipops and the Interlocking Bone Candies if you host a Mad Scientist Halloween party.

Interlocking Bone Candies in a coffin box

Vampire theme party

candy favor bags by martha stewart

If you are looking for something stylish, check out the Martha Stewart Crafts collection. Her candy bags are awesome.

+ Candy Blood Bags on sale at $3.49 USD per dozen at Oriental Trading
+ Gummy Blood on sale at $3.49 for 46 pieces
+ Gummy Eyeballs $6.99 for 46 pieces
+ Eyeball Print Lollipops on sale at $4.49 for 46 pieces
+ Interlocking Bone Candies on sale $9.99 per dozen
+ Martha Stewart’s Coffin Treat Boxes $7.99 for [affiliate link]
+ Vampire Treat bags $5.99 for 12 assorted bags – 4 patterns