Venitian Ball Sweet Table by Kréavie

Bal a Venice sweet table

carnival of venice costumes and masks

Every month, the talented team at Kréavie shared the making of a fabulous themed sweet table. For February, they designed a sweet table in honor of the Carnevale (Carnival of Venice). It is a one of a kind event that I would like to attend one day. People wear outstanding epoch costumes with the famous Venetian masks.

Bal a Venice sweet table

If you wish to make your own, you will need several props to make it works. Gold traditional elements are a must. It is the perfect occasion to use the formal crystal trays that your grandmother gave you.

crystal and macaron tree :: gold powder food painting

Attention to details, like the crystal and macaron tree or the application of gold powder on the meringues, adds opulence to the presentation.

Sweet table : Une dernière danse avant la fin du Bal at Kréavie – photos by Julia C. Vona
+ Sweet table : Bal à Venise at Kréavie – photos by Julia C. Vona
+ Carnival of Venice photos – 7th March 2011 and 8th March 2011