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On my Wish List: The Sticks Silicone Moulds by Lekue

make your own bread sticks

make your own bread sticks
photo: Lekue World page on Facebook

Sticks is a silicone mould that let you greet your guests this holiday season with 30 delicious, crunchy homemade bread sticks. Cooking time is 15 minutes on the oven, or 5 minutes on the microwave. I see it as a perfect bakeware tool for the hostess.

What I like about the Lekue Sticks mold is that the stocks are the right size to be served as appetizers.

lekue sticks
sourcing: Lekue Sticks

They are not just for appetizers. You can serve bread sticks, instead of crackers, with a warm soup at lunch time or you can include them in your dessert table. On Lekue Web site, I found two basic savoury bread stick recipes  (parmesan and orange sticks, black olive sticks) and three basic sweet bread stick recipes (spice sticks, cacao sticks, citrus sticks).

bread sticks with a soup for lunch

I already own the Decomax. Since I really want them, I ask a local shop to investigate if they could order them for me. I have my doubts since Sticks is a new product that seems to be available only the European site. Fingers crossed!

FOOD + DRINK FOOD presentation

Lékué Decopen is a Must for Dish Plating

Decopen by lekue

Decopen by lekue

If you like to decorate your plate like a Chef, you need good tools. Sure, you can use plain plastic bottles but they are not as stylish and fun as DECOPEN. It is as easy as to write or draw with a pen. DECOPEN lets you put the finishing touch on food from appetizers to the dessert. Simply fill your favorite sweet and savory sauces and work your magic. There is a model that comes with 4 nozzles to give you more options on how to decorate food or plate your dishes.

It will make an awesome Christmas gift or hostess gift. For anyone interested, a green 4-nozzle DECOPEN is on my wish list. Watch the video to see how easy it is to use.

+ Lékué Decopen $24.50 CAD at Linen Chest
+ Lékué Decopen $27 at Arthur Quentin
+ Lékué Decopen 16 EUR
+ Lékué Decopen with 4 nozzles 19 EUR


Pac Man Hothead by Fred and Friends

fred pac man hothead

fred pac man hothead

I almost bought this silicone pot holder in Pac Man shape for my husband tonight. It would make a nice gift for a classic arcade game fan. If you a long time readers on my blog, you may remember the classic arcade cupcake tower I ordered for his birthday.

Plus, silicone pot holders have a major advantage over the fabric oven mitts; they are more hygienic.

+ Pac Man Hothead $12.25 USD at [affiliate link]

FAMILY KIDS products

Kidz Box at Modern-Twist

kidz box day at the pond by modern-twist

kidz box day at the pond by modern-twist

It’s no secret that I am a fan of Modern-Twist. I eat almost every day on their soft and durable placemats. Since my last visit to the site, they added the Kidz Box and new patterns to their kids placemat collection.

modern-twist kids placemat i\'m banana for a major breakfast

You always had the option to color and draw on the Modern-Twist mats. What they did with Kidz Box was to assemble a gift box with marker colors that will please the design-savvy parents. A mat and 6 non toxic washable markers come in every Kidz Box. Day at the Pond and City Kids are the drawings currently available.

kids placemats by modern-twist :: food-grade silicone

Like I said, you can color with markers on all Modern-Twist mats. Carrying two mats take the same space as one. I recommend Hide & Seek (best for a little girl), Major Damage (I’m banana…) and Kat in the City for coloring.

Cute and Practical

You first notice the refined illustrations on the silky food-grade, hand silk-screened silicone mats. Later, you discover that they are the best mats you ever own. You can roll your Modern-Twist mats or fold them for months and they will never show a crack, a crease or any sign that they did not lay flat. I know, I did it. I believe that it is a worry-free carry-on option for when you eat at a restaurant, visit friends without children and when you travel.

kidz box by modern-twist

I bet that if you arrive with a Kidz Box at a kid birthday, both the kid and the parents will adore your gift. I think that they are so cute that I might get a kit just for myself.

+ Kidz Box $26 USD
+ Kids Placemats $18
+ Store locator with the Modern-Twist collection


Say It with Food or Ice

I like the motto of Sillycone. This shows again that silicone has revolutionized the way we cook. You can use silicone trays to shape any food or liquid.

You can perfectly shaped Jell-O, butter, chocolate, cheese, bite cakes, brownies, Rice Crispy treats and so much more! It opens a world of possibilities for entertaining like this Jell-O wish on a birthday cake.

sillycone and lekue symbol, letter and star silicone ice cube trays

Sillycone specialized in letter, number, symbol and the Greek alphabet. Their trays are made from high-gloss FDA tested silicone. Each tray is oven-safe to 550ºF and (-50ºF) is cool to the touch within minutes after baking.

For more shapes, look at Lékué. This Spanish high end brand makes silicone ice cube trays in form of a star, heart, dolphin, penguin and shell. Look at the cool colored ice cubes that Better Homes and Gardens did for the Fourth of July last year.

+ Silicone Alphabet Letter Ice / Bake Tray Set $14.95 USD for 3 trays
+ Silicone Number Ice / Bake Tray $7.49 USD
+ Sillycone Single Number Ice / Bake Tray $10.13 USD
+ Silicone Symbol Ice / Bake Tray $14.99 USD
+ Lekue Silicone Ice Cube Tray, Star $2.95 USD


Lapper Dining Trays with Anti-Slip Mats

lapper dining trays with anti-slip mats

What do we want in a dining tray is one that is easy to clean and on which we can carry the food without spills.

Ashley Hatcher created the Lapper with these functions in mind. In fact, she was even more demanding. She dreamed of a tray that keeps dishes in place, allows for safe dishwashing, can easily be stored and has comfortable handles. The secret weapon of her tray are silicone anti-slip inserts. All parts of the melamine tray are dishwasher safe. It seems like an improved version of the dining tray.

Lapper Multi-Functional Dining Tray $24.50 USD
+ Lapper trays with University Sport Logo


Three Nifty Kitchen Gadgets by Lékué for my Organizing Monday

silicone kitchenware by lekue :: new products for 2009

I admit that I am a fan of Lékué. Their premium silicone cooking tools are fun, practical and imaginative. On the green side, this company finds permanent solutions to techniques that typically nourish our trash can. Their innovative products make the best of the possibilities offered by silicone kitchenware.

I told you before that I think Lékué produces the best collapsible silicone strainers. I am very pleased with mine. Here are some new products that I wish to add to my collection.

1. Cooking Mesh

The Cooking Mesh has many uses. First, it is perfect to boil mussels or vegetable in a pot. Use two mesh bags and boil two vegetables to perfection in a single pot. The Cooking Mesh makes it easier to blanch tomatoes, broccoli, green beans, peas or any other vegetables before putting them in the freezer. You transfer all your vegetables in a bowl icy cold water to stop the cooking in one step. Recall my story on tips for not wasting food and save time in the kitchen.

It also works on small tasks. The Cooking Mesh can replace cheesecloth when you need a bouquet garni for a soup or a stew.

2. Steam Case with Tray

The designers committee of Trends 2009  selected the steam case at Ambiente Frankfurt. I introduced the Steam Case one year ago. Lékué added a model with a tray to drain the liquids of accumulated during cooking, preservation or defrosting. So depending on the recipe you prepare, you can enjoy tasty and healthy food with Steam Case with tray.

3. Stretch Tops

This would greatly eliminate our consumption of clear food film. The stretch top creates a vacuum seal that prolongs the freshness of food in the refrigerator easily and hygienically. It is especially useful with leftovers stored in metal, glass or plastic. Plus no more search for the cover. The stretch tops come in two diameters to fit a wide range of containers. It is not just for containers; use it to keep fresh your halved citrus fruits.

+ Cooking Mesh
+ Steam Case with tray
+ Stretch Tops 8.5cm – 3 units
+ Stretch Tops 11.5cm – 2 units (green / orange) or orange and white or green and white


Autumn 2008 Entertaining Products from Fred

fingerfood :: peace of cake :: toothpick :: gin and titonic by fred autumn 2008

We can always find unexpected creative products from the design team at Fred. This time, they outshine themselves with their latest collection.

My favorite new products from the Autumn 2008 collection are:

FINGERFOOD is an imaginative concept. The charming little plates with rings fit right on your finger to let you carry around hors d’oeuvres.

Fred is contributing a portion of the proceeds from the PEACE of CAKE mould to organizations dedicated to peaceful resolution of conflict, justice for all, and respect for human rights.

This little truck made from satiny porcelain rolls on real rubber wheels. I love the slogan for TOOTHPICKUP: it’s where to park your picks.

Your martini will never look the same with a GIN & TITONIC ice sculpture inside your glass. You can create 4 ocean liners and 4 icebergs each time from this silicone ice cube maker.

At this point, no clues on price. But we all know that Fred’s products are a very affordable indulgence.

>>> Sourcing:
Learn more: News products from Fred


Luki Huber Grows His Luki Collection for Lekue

lekue silicone lemon squeezer : steam case : ice pop mold : silicone ceramic quiche mold : steamer

A couple years ago, the Spanish brand Lekue introduced the nifty Luki Lemon Squeezer designed by Luki Huber. This silicone lemon squeezer is practical because each half lemon has its mold and you can store everything as it is in the fridge.

The Lekue Duo Silicone & Ceramics Quiche Mold combines the perfect materials for the job. The scratch-resistant ceramic base assures the right colored dough and the flexibility of the silicone makes it easy to remove.

Luki Collection for Lékué Is Expanding

New silicone kitchen tools are in. Right in time for summer, the reusable Lekue Luki Steam Case is a more ecological way to cook fish en papillote. And there is no risk of finding a hole in your paper. Steam Case brings cuteness and fun to healthy meal.

Another way to eat healthier meal is by cooking with Lekue Luki Steamer. Available in two formats, Luki Steamer fuses tradition and innovation. Two stacking steamer compartments and one lid are included. The regular size Steamer fits 8″ diameter sauce pans or casseroles.

The silicone Lekue Ice Cream / Ice Pop molds are a treat for adults and kids. Make your own flavor in no time. Simply put pieces of fresh fruits, pour some milk or juice, close with the cap, freeze and enjoy the sweet. You can make frozen Margaritas or Caipiriñas or Mojitos for a grown up party.

All Lékué products are made of 100% Platinum Silicone. Check out (Foster’s Homeware) to watch a few short videos of these silicone products in action.

Update: Arthur Quentin carries several Lékué products. They do not have the steamer or the quiche mold yet. They do carry the Lemon Squeezer, the Ice Cream molds, the Steam Case, the Sushi mat and other products I did not talk about.

Arthur Quentin
3960 Saint-Denis Street
Montreal, QC  H2W 2M2
p  514.843.7513
open Monday to Saturday

>>> Sourcing:
Buy online: Lekue Silicone Lemon Squeezer at Foster’s Homeware – price: $15 USD for 2
Buy online: Lekue Silicone Ice Pop Mold at Foster’s Homeware – price: $25 USD for 4
Buy online: Lekue Silicone Steamer at Foster’s Homeware – price: $45 USD
Learn more: Arthur Quentin – web site in French only
Learn more: Lékué