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Lékué Decopen is a Must for Dish Plating

Decopen by lekue

If you like to decorate your plate like a Chef, you need good tools. Sure, you can use plain plastic bottles but they are not as stylish and fun as DECOPEN. It is as easy as to write or draw with a pen. DECOPEN lets you put the finishing touch on food from appetizers to the dessert. Simply fill your favorite sweet and savory sauces and work your magic. There is a model that comes with 4 nozzles to give you more options on how to decorate food or plate your dishes.

It will make an awesome Christmas gift or hostess gift. For anyone interested, a green 4-nozzle DECOPEN is on my wish list. Watch the video to see how easy it is to use.

+ Lékué Decopen $24.50 CAD at Linen Chest
+ Lékué Decopen $27 at Arthur Quentin
+ Lékué Decopen 16 EUR
+ Lékué Decopen with 4 nozzles 19 EUR

  • suzanne vachon
    November 25, 2010 at 18:21

    Thanks for decopen, I have been fighting with the icing bag and I finally have given up. I have been dreaming of this handy tool for a few years now.

    Have a good week end, hope you are well.


  • Nina
    November 27, 2010 at 03:16

    I first fell in love with this one, but Cuisipro has pen-shaped pen that has a removable head, meaning you can make two different-sized patterns. I don’t have a microwave and so that dimension of the Lékué pen wouldn’t come to use. Of course you can also use Lékué for storage, but on the other hand the Cuisipro is so small that leftover fluid used in the latter would be stored in a normal bowl or jar anyway. After having tried both in the store, the Cuisipro fits my hand better. Finally, Lékué has not only two but four thicknesses and I’m at a loss here.