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I’ll Be Speaking at PodCamp Montreal this Saturday

podcamp Montreal 2010

podcamp Montreal 2010

Update: You can watch a video of my PodCamp Montreal presentation on the blog of my company, Media Sidekick.

There is more to blog monetization than banner ads. I will talk about the ethical approaches that a few bloggers who I respect did to expand their advertising offering. We will talk about how you can do those. The session will also explore the distinction between content, PR and advertising.

I invite you to join this conversation on Saturday, September 11th at 1:30 PM. PodCamp Montreal will happen at a new location. It will be at UQAM’s Cœur des sciences located in downtown Montreal.

Plus, if you register to PodCamp Montreal, you can attend on Friday (tomorrow) a new unconference called MediaCamp. You can find MediaCamp’s schedule here.

PodCamp Montreal 2010’s official schedule
Register now for PodCamp Montreal 2010


Bed-in in John and Yoko’s room at Queen Elizabeth

jerome paradis and kim vallee doing their john lennon and yoko ono

Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth was one of the sponsors of PodCamp Montreal 2009. After the Saturday sessions, a selected group were invited for a cocktail in the John Lennon and Yoko Ono Suite.

room 1742 of fairmont the queen elizabeth montreal

Fairmont put the bed as the place it was for the bed-in. One thing that you may not know is that the suite was rearranged for the bed-in. We all appreciated that Fairmont was kind enough to change the place of the bed for us.

The story goes that John and Yoko wanted the bed in front of the window with the best view. The lounge area became the bedroom. Everything has changed since then. Except for the pictures on the wall and the floor plan, nothing from that area is still in the room. Still, it was a great feeling.

archive photos of John lennon and yoko one bed-in for peace


Everyone had his or her picture taken in the bed. Michelle Sullivan did a live interview with me to talk about my top blogging tips and trends. It was a lot of fun. I included more pictures of the small suite to give you an idea of the space.

giving interviews in john lennon and yoko ono suite at fairmont the queen elizabeth

Here, Laurent Maisonnave set up his video camera to capture a live interview with Scarborough Dude, Bob Goyetche, Julien Smith and Laurent Lasalle. Observing is my husband, Jérôme Paradis.

entry hall of john lennon and yoko ono suite at fairmont the queen elizabeth

Until December 31, 2009, you can book the Bed-In for Peace package at the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth hotel.

+ Bob Goyetche
+ Jerome Paradis

MEDIA buzz

A Great Day for Women and Mom Blogs

A big news in the Quebec blogosphere was a Quebec Web celebrities list made in response to The Web Celeb 25 by Forbes. The Christiane Charette radio show on the French channel of Radio-Canada hosted this Top list.

How they did it?

Michelle Blanc, Bruno Guglielminetti and Dominic Arpin compiled their own list of 25 Web celebrities and from that they produce the top 10 list.


I am happy to report that two bloggers from our circle made the Top 10. At the 3rd position is Martine Gingras of Martine pioneered the mom blog in Quebec. She is very good.

m-c turgeon

M-C. Turgeon is an artist, blogger, podcaster and crafter. She runs a Web design and communications  studio. She founded Creacamp, a meeting for creative women  in Montreal. M-C Turgeon writes either in French and in English on her blog. She is very active online and offline.

It did not stop there. Several bloggers from the women and mom blog circle were chosen in the top 25 lists, including me. I wish a express my warmest thanks to Michelle Blanc and Bruno Guglielminetti for giving me this honor. Women in other spheres also appear on the Top 25 lists. Slowly but surely, the Web stops to be a gentlemen club.

Upcoming Talk


I wish to remind you that I will be talking about Women and Mom Blogging and Marketing at the next PodCamp Toronto at 2:45 pm on February 21st, 2009. The topics covered are all exciting. In you are in Toronto that weekend, come to visit. It’s free.

+ Top 25 of Michelle Blanc
+ Top 25 of Bruno Guglielminetti
+ Top 10 on Christiane Charest


Women Market Statistics Are Looking Great for Women & Mom Blogs

women magazines and GLAM media ad networkA few people asked me about the statistics I gave on my PodCamp Montreal presentation.


Since I thought that some of you may want to stay current on trends, I am publishing a summary of my presentation. I compiled key facts about what is going on right now. And I finished with my opinions about the market.

Female Internet

There are now more women on the Web than men. My presentation put emphasis on the fact that women use technology to communicate, create, collect, share and fulfill their dream/passion.

Revealing Statistics

ComScore Media Metrix’s year-end report: Women’s community was the most visited and fastest growing Internet category, tied with politics. The number of unique visits to women’s community sites jumped 35% to almost 70 million from 52 million.

This is quite an achievement considering the Presidential race.

InsideFacebook: Two days ago, a new survey shows that women outnumber men on Facebook in every age group

A BlogHer survey conducted by Compass Partners : 36.2 million American female Internet users actively participate in blogs every week. You get 15.1 million women publishing at least one post a week and 21.1 million reading and commenting at least weekly.

eMarketer established that more than 8 out of 10 U.S. moms go online at least once a month.

2007 survey by Intelligence Group:

  • 88% of mothers said the Internet has helped them stay connected to the world
  • 85% believed technology has made their life as a mother easier
  • 66% said they relied more on technology since they became a parent.

I believe that with this large women presence, we will change the face of Internet. I shown 7 blogs besides my own on my presentation to represent the different voices of women. Everyone were impressed by the level of quality. I show the homepage of Steamy Kitchen, TasteSpotting, decor8, Design Sponge, Oh Joy!, Babygadget, Simple Mom and Hostess with the Mostess.

Traditional Media are Waking Up

The BlogHer survey found that because of blogging, 24% of surveyed women watch less television, 25% read fewer magazines and 22% read fewer newspapers. This is why the traditional medias are starting to embrace the Web 2.0 inside their publications.

Last week, on September 17, 2008, Martha Stewart did an entire TV episode on blogging. She encourages women to start their own blog by giving Blogging 101 tricks.

Two magazines, Domino with My Deco File and Style at Home launched Web 2.0 initiatives this fall. As a blogger I asked myself, what does it mean for my brand? How I can leverage that fact to convert audience to my site?


I observed a switch in the Twitter population since last year. The foodies, the moms and on a lesser extent the event planners are very active on Twitter. Foodies and moms use Twitter to have dynamic conversations with their peers. I even found a site called Twitter moms.

Have you noticed a change in the Web? Do these facts reflect your reality?

Watch My Presentation Online

You can see the last third of my session at PodCamp MTL on September 20th, 2008. The presentation was recorded on live stream but as it something occurs, there were some technical difficulties at the start. The four pictures at the top rely to the last segment of my presentation about how the print media is catching up.

Fell free to watch it. Since it is a live stream, the video quality is not the best. You will see that I am still not completely comfortable in front of the camera. One thing I would like to do is to give the same conference several times to see how I improve.

Free TV Show from Ustream

Women and Mom blogs are an exciting domain. I am proud to be a part of it. I strongly believe that we moved from a Male Internet to a Female Internet. The more we participated, the more the Internet will become a social, simple and practical place.


My Saturday at PodCamp Montreal

mitch joel, david usher and kim vallee at podcamp montreal 2008It was the day I gave my two sessions at PodCamp Montreal. My day was full.

I started the day by watching a live feed of Sylvain Carle‘s session at 9 am. I went to David Usher and Mitch Joel session on the music industry.

My husband had his picture taken with David at Akoha‘s launch party last month. He wanted to tease me since I am a fan of David and, at the last minute, was unable to attend the Akoha party. I am doubly sad because it was a great event. I now have my picture with David Usher.

Before my session, I listened to the making of Community Divas, a podcast about communities hosted by two friends, Eden Spodek of Bargainista and Connie Crosby.

How It Went

Overall, I am happy about my presentation. I was so nervous at the beginning. That is when my husband asked me an easy question which calmed me down for the rest. It is a good trick if you ever need to speak in front of lots of people.

I am just sorry that I was not able to answer more questions from the participants. I covered many aspects of the Women blog universe, including the new social media tools that are on traditional women magazines. The schedule was such that I was sitting on a panel after. So I had to cut it short as there were waiting for me on the other room. If you sat at my session and I did not answer your questions, feel free to contact me.

I was exhausted at the start of the panel. I feel proud of sitting next to Michelle Sullivan, Eden Spodek and Rayanne Langdon. I included a funny picture where I am making a face as I discussed a bad pitch I got from a word of mouth agency. The day was fun and it passed really quick.

On a last note, I wish to thank everyone that attended my sessions. I really appreciated that you took the time. See you Sunday! The blog will go back to its regular programming tomorrow night.


My Upcoming Session at PodCamp Montreal

kim vallee's session at podcamp montreal 2008

As I am putting the finishing touch to my presentation, I gave my synopsis to Laurent Lasalle, one of the volunteer organizers who take care of PodCamp Montreal Web site.

My session is called Beyond the Blog – How to Better Serve the Women Market Through Social Tools. Concretely, here is what I will talk about on September 20th, 2008 at 3 pm:

Now that women and mom blogs have invaded the Web, I ask what is next. How can a blogger/podcaster compete and use the social media networking tools to reach, engage and mingle with the women market? On top of that, traditional women media are starting to listen. The winners will be the ones that better serve the wishes of modern women and moms.

I will cover all these facts based on my journey to build a Web 2.0 stylish living magazine.

I encourage all of you to participate in unconferences. Do not be afraid to be speaker even in a tech related event. We all have some insights to share that others will appreciate to know.

On a personal note, preparing the presentation forced me to look deeper into the women market. It is a wonderful world and I am proud to be a part of it. I am sure this exercise will help me produce a better blog.

See you September 20th, 2008 at 3 PM, if you are coming. Otherwise, I will try to post some content after the event.

+ Beyond the Blog – How to Better Serve the Women Market Through Social Tools at PodCamp Montreal


Come to my Sessions at PodCamp Montreal

podcamp montreal unconference 2008 :: fall foliage print by sixhours on etsy

I will go sidetracks today for my first post. I wish to talk about what is happening in my life.

Some of you may be aware that I worked for 15 years in the IT and Web industry. I gained a pretty good understanding of the challenges and processes governing the online and offline universes.

I coupled my Web expertise with my design skills to build and operate At Home with Kim Vallee. My husband is a bright system architect and Chief technical officer. So I am still connected to that previous career. All this brings me to my participation at PodCamp Montreal this fall.

What is Next?

The world of social media is so exciting. For the first time in the history, non technical people, like most of the bloggers in our circle can participate actively and build a business around their passion. The female and mommy blogs are booming at an accelerated rate. It is normal that women embrace social communities because we like to converse.

I am reflecting about that because I am preparing for the two sessions I will give at PodCamp Montreal on September 20-21, 2008

  1. Beyond the Blog – How to Better Serve the Woman Market Through Social Tools: I am really excited by this topic.
  2. Managing the PR Beast : Building Relationships With PR Practitioners While Maintaining Credibility With Your Audience. This is a panel made of Michelle Sullivan, Rayanne Langdon, Eden Spodek and Kim Vallee. I am lucky to sit on a panel with these three talented women.

August 22, 2008 Update: The PodCamp Montreal schedule is out. My first talk (Beyond the Blog) is at 3 pm on Saturday and then at 4pm, it is the panel. So I got a busy afternoon.

Register for PodCamp MTL

The line-up is incredible at this unconference. So register, the event is FREE and you will get to visit the beautiful Montreal. The weather will still be nice but bring a light coat as nights are colder.

Love Links

Since I am talking marketing and bloggers, why not share blogs I enjoy reading but that are in a different sphere.

I feel guilty that I did not respond earlier on my blog to Renée from En Direct Des Iles who awarded me an Arte y Pico at the beginning of the month. I do not follow the rules on her award but I respect the spirit. Here are five blogs outside the niche of my blog that I enjoy for their creative thinking.

  • Six pixels of separation by Mitch Joel: I listen to Mitch’s podcasts while I do my daily exercises. If you see me smile or laugh at the gym, this is why. Mitch Joel has two upcoming sessions. His company, Twist Image is a major sponsor of PodCamp Montreal. First Mitch will talk with David Usher, the singer about the music industry. Then, his second session will be with C.C. Chapman, a new media maven living in Boston.
  • By the way, David Usher has a blog on art, technology and the communications revolutions called CloudID. There are good discussions on David’s blog.
  • Problogger by Darren Rowse: I go there for tips on how to build a more successful blog.
  • Innovation Playground by Idris Mootee: I enjoy his blog because it talks about innovation, brand development and consumer experience in an easy to understand way. It is easy to read.
  • Community Divas: Introducing a newcomer by veteran bloggers. Community Divas is the new podcast started by two of my friends from Toronto, Eden Spodek of Bargainista and Connie Crosby. Eden and Connie are doing a session at PodCamp Montreal about her podcast.

I will go back to my original programming now. But first, do not forget to register for PodCamp Montreal if you are free for a week-end of great networking, sharing and learning. If you there, please come say hello.

+ Sessions at PodCamp Montreal
+ Fall foliage – 4×6 print by sixhours on Etsy – price: $10 USD