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A Great Day for Women and Mom Blogs

A big news in the Quebec blogosphere was a Quebec Web celebrities list made in response to The Web Celeb 25 by Forbes. The Christiane Charette radio show on the French channel of Radio-Canada hosted this Top list.

How they did it?

Michelle Blanc, Bruno Guglielminetti and Dominic Arpin compiled their own list of 25 Web celebrities and from that they produce the top 10 list.


I am happy to report that two bloggers from our circle made the Top 10. At the 3rd position is Martine Gingras of Martine pioneered the mom blog in Quebec. She is very good.

m-c turgeon

M-C. Turgeon is an artist, blogger, podcaster and crafter. She runs a Web design and communications  studio. She founded Creacamp, a meeting for creative women  in Montreal. M-C Turgeon writes either in French and in English on her blog. She is very active online and offline.

It did not stop there. Several bloggers from the women and mom blog circle were chosen in the top 25 lists, including me. I wish a express my warmest thanks to Michelle Blanc and Bruno Guglielminetti for giving me this honor. Women in other spheres also appear on the Top 25 lists. Slowly but surely, the Web stops to be a gentlemen club.

Upcoming Talk


I wish to remind you that I will be talking about Women and Mom Blogging and Marketing at the next PodCamp Toronto at 2:45 pm on February 21st, 2009. The topics covered are all exciting. In you are in Toronto that weekend, come to visit. It’s free.

+ Top 25 of Michelle Blanc
+ Top 25 of Bruno Guglielminetti
+ Top 10 on Christiane Charest

  • Martine
    February 11, 2009 at 05:55

    Thanks for your kind words, Kim!

    As many other mentioned, influence is very relative and this exercise have to be put in perspective. I know les Banlieusardises have had some influence over the years… but I’m very surprised to see people still mention me these days, even though I can’t invest myself as much as I used to in the first years!

  • SetCarré
    February 11, 2009 at 10:51

    I discovered your blog by Michelle’s list. Je reviendrai souvent!