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Three Sofas for Small Spaces

elise sofa at eq3

Here are three stylish sofas for Canadian city dwellers. These sofas look great and they will not overwhelmed your space.

Option 1: Elise Sofa

elise sofa at eq3
EQ3 just added Elise to its sofa collection. If you order this vintage style apartment sofa online, you will get a choice of 3 colours (taupe, charcoal and linen) and two leg types. Elise Sofa $1,199 CAD at EQ3

On a design note, I like the color accents brought by these simple solid cushions.

Option 2: Vaughn Apartment Sofa

vaughn apartment sofa at crate and barrel
My second option will also please fans of mid-century design that care for the environment. The Vaughn Apartment Sofa features a low extended back, slim track arms and an eco-friendly construction. $1,499 USD at Crate & Barrel. Check at your local store for the price in Canadian dollars.

Option 3: Cedric Loveseat

cedric loveseat at urban barn
Upholstered in a neutral soft grey fabric, my third suggestion features the tailored, masculine vibes that are in vogue this fall. Cedric Loveseat $849 CAD at Urban Barn. Your Union Jack pillows will fit well with this style.

FAMILY KIDS products

Awesome Nursery Item Caddies and Toy Bins

baby storage caddy

toy storage bins

Any parent knows that you can avoid to keep close by a couple of bins filled with your baby or toddler toys. So, it’s best to look for great looking toy bins. Three friends who lived in New York and Toronto started 3 Sprouts in 2007. They produce cute, fun and practical toy bins and storage caddies that parents and kids would love to use.

baby storage caddy

You can put on the storage caddy all the essential nursery items – from diapers to lotions, washcloths and onesies – that you need in one spot and ready to go. My son’s nursery is on the second floor. When I have a babysitter, I carry all these essentials on the main floor. Having a tote like this will eliminate some steps. Later, the storage caddy could be repurposed as a magazine holder, a craft tote or a toy tote. I just wish that we could wash them in the machine.

You have a choice of 8 animals for the storage bins and 3 animals for the caddies.  You can buy those online at 3 Sprouts (they ship to Canada and the United States) or from these local retailers. These would make wonderful baby shower gifts that would be appreciated by mom and dad.

Organic Cotton Nursery Caddy by 3 Sprouts $23.99 USD or CAD
+ Organic Cotton Storage Bin by 3 Sprouts $39.99 USD or CAD


Modern Twist on a Nautical Theme by Molteni and C

nautical theme room with the pass storage by molteni and c

pass storage unit by molteni and c :: modern interior

The first picture depicts the typical interior where we expect to see modern furniture like the ones produced by the Italian brand Molteni & C furniture. But modern furniture can adapt to any style.

nautical theme room with pass modular storage units by molteni and c

The latest ad from Molteni & C proved that point. I like how the designers for this photo shoot totally freshen up a nautical theme room. I adore it!

Luca Meda designed this collection of coordinated modular storage units, shelves and wall units which can be mixed and stacked. It’s called Pass.

+ Pass Storage System designed by Luca Meda for Molteni & C


Creative Wallflower Front Windows at Umbra

wallflower wall art by umbra

I like to shop at Umbra’s concept store in Toronto for inspirations. Plus, Umbra enables you to bring modern design in your home at an affordable price. It is a good option for home accessories and gift ideas.

Wall art is popular. And you know how much I love word graffiti. Anyone could recycle Umbra’s front store design on the wall of a teenager bedroom or you could write Welcome in your entrance. Simply write down the word with a light pencil as a guide for tracing the word with Umbra’s polypropylene flowers.

wallflower word on umbra\'s front windows

Wallflower is a wall décor designed by Marion Lanktree for Umbra. it comes in a set of 25 polypropylene flowers that attach to the wall with a snap. The flowers on a set are distributed in 5 sizes, which create a more organic effect. Wallflower is available in white, black, pink, kiwi and chrome finish.

+ Umbra Wallflower wall decor designed by Marion Lanktree $26.50 CAD


Cool Cozy Luxury Interior with PH5 Pendant Lamps

cool cozy luxury open concept dining and living room :: photo from rum december 2009

This picture captured the best of an inviting home for me. It is perfect for entertaining and living. You get plenty of comfortable sitting spread around the table. I imagine the kitchen to be in front of the purple sofa (but I am not clues). Luckily for me, I should it to my husband and he loves it. I bookmarked it for our next home.

Louis Poulsen Fixtures

The PH5 and PH50 designed by Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulsen are not only superb pendant lamps, they produced a beautiful glare free illumination. The cones and the legs were carefully studied to produce a warm tone of light. The visible reflectors direct light both vertically and horizontally.

Remark that the fact there is 3 pendants over the dining table assures that they are no shadow on the table surface. I never tried it, but I feel that taking pictures in a dining room with PH5 fixtures will create better results than if you have a chandelier over your dining table.

Another element to consider when you are buying light fixtures for your dining room is the tone of light produced by the lamp. In any room where you entertain, favoring a warm tone of light ensures that people look better on photos. Plus, a warm tone creates a more inviting and intimate ambiance.

PH snowball designed by Poul Henningsen at muzede changa restaurant in Istanbul

Paul Henningsen also designed PH Snowball pendant for Louis Poulsen, which is another stunning light that produces gare free and even illumination. You can see it in the beautiful modern interior of Müzede Changa, a restaurant in Istanbul, Turkey.

I wish to thank the excellent kitchen designer Susan Serra for sharing on Facebook the cool cozy luxury open space dining and lounging room.

+ H5 Pendant Light $698 USD
+ PH Snowball Pendant $2200 USD
+ PH5 and PH50 designed by Poul Henningsen, manufactured by Louis Poulsen
+ photo: RUM Magazine december 2009
+ photos: Müzede Changa restaurant


Inspired by the Retro Design of Hea Sofa by BG Norge

hea sofa by bg norge

There are furniture you love at first sight. Hea by the Norvegean sofa maker BG Norge is one of those times.

creative use of patterns on the hea sofa by bg norge

The creative use of patterns grabbed my attention. The design cleverly mixes fabrics in the front and the back. It is also interesting to see how the design fits well in what looks like a cottage.

Sadly for us, BG Norway seems to be available only available in Norway where they got more than a hundred retailers.

+ Hea by BG Norge
+ Via Apartment Therapy and Alvorada


Stylish Yet Witty Bookends

cool bookends :: clity slickers :: reading sophisticates :: growing together wall shelf with tube vases

These are the proof that bookends do not have to be boring. The bookend sets are definitively out of the ordinary. They would bring style and a theatrical sense of humor in your home décor.

City Slickers Bookends position the three figurines dressed with blazers and caps to give the illusion that they are walking through the books. Reading Sophisticates feature an urban chic man and a woman, each absorbed in their book. It is good to know that Wrapables offers volume discount on bookends.

Chris Collicott designed a leaning version and a pushing version of his bookend men. They exhibit an art deco influence.

The wall shelf neatly hold books, magazines and CDs. On the side, three tube vases let you display a single flower or colorful pebbles. The couple figurines are engaged in gardening. Any of these would make an amazing housewarming gift.

+ City Slickers Bookends – $ 71.95 USD
+ Reading Sophisticates Bookends – $59.95 USD
+ Growing Together Shelf with Tube Vases – $82.95 USD
+ Bookend Men – $41.95 USD for set of 2


Purple, Khaki Green and Yellow Green | More Color Trends of 2008

living room and storage by habitat :: purple khaki yellow green of 2008

These pictures from Habitat illustrate well the trends I saw at the Interior Design Show (IDS) Toronto 2008 last month. It also demonstrates that a little color goes a long way.

Deep Dark Luxury

The purples, chocolate browns, deep blues and khaki greens of 2008 are colors that you do not have to be afraid to commit. Darker hues feel luxurious. In fact, most of the luxury market favors the darker tones right now.

You will see purples mixed yellow greens, gold and lilac in 2008. Whenever you select a color for your home, choose the tint in function of the type of room, the time of the day where you use it and the lighting. For example, the purples of the casual outdoor room are of medium values because they sit outside.

Punch Colors

I feel that the most interesting lesson that you can learned from these fabulously styled rooms by Habitat was is that the big expensive pieces can stay pretty neutral. The top picture is the perfect example that you do not need a huge investment to follow the trends.

Khaki green is perfect for a family room. Yellow green feels fresh in the kitchen. If you live in an open concept kitchen/ dining room / living room, you can mix the two colors but always give more importance to one or the other in each room.

Defining Your Open Space

Even though you want to create a cohesive look in a concept space, you need to clearly define each space. Otherwise, your house will lack dimensions. For that reason, I do not recommend to carry around the same, identical color palette over the entire open space.

As I told you in my review of 10 years of design, successfully decorated rooms mix several trends. It is the end of the package theme. You sculpt your design by playing with the shapes, the finishes, the textures, the contrast, the lighting, the symmetry and the styles of what everything that fits into the room. The goal is to create dimensions in an eclectic but harmonious way.

Learn more: Living and Storage at Habitat

+ Spring 2008 yellows
+ Home Color Trends for 2008