Creative Wallflower Front Windows at Umbra

wallflower wall art by umbra

I like to shop at Umbra’s concept store in Toronto for inspirations. Plus, Umbra enables you to bring modern design in your home at an affordable price. It is a good option for home accessories and gift ideas.

Wall art is popular. And you know how much I love word graffiti. Anyone could recycle Umbra’s front store design on the wall of a teenager bedroom or you could write Welcome in your entrance. Simply write down the word with a light pencil as a guide for tracing the word with Umbra’s polypropylene flowers.

wallflower word on umbra\'s front windows

Wallflower is a wall décor designed by Marion Lanktree for Umbra. it comes in a set of 25 polypropylene flowers that attach to the wall with a snap. The flowers on a set are distributed in 5 sizes, which create a more organic effect. Wallflower is available in white, black, pink, kiwi and chrome finish.

+ Umbra Wallflower wall decor designed by Marion Lanktree $26.50 CAD