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Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!

modern mother's day cards

modern mother\'s day cards

I wish all my readers to are moms, including my super mom and my mother-in-law, a wonderful time for Mother’s Day!

I learned a lot of things from my mother, who was a businesswoman at a time when married women were stay at home mothers. She taught me to follow my passion in what I do, to embrace life and that it is better to have tried to do something and failed than to do nothing. But most importantly, that we should not considered it a failure if we learned something. It is fair to say that I inherited my entrepreneur spirit from her. I love you, mom!

Here are two modern design cards for Mother’s Day:

+ Flower Garden Mother’s Day Die-Cut card $5 USD at Egg Press
+ Mother’s Day Letterpress Daises card $4.95 USD at Kate’s Paperie


Ink & Iron’s Letterpress Cards | Etsy Finds

ink and iron letterpress cards on etsy

ink and iron letterpress cards on etsy

I came across the original work of Ink & Iron on Oh So Beautiful Paper. I like how her imagery adds a charming touch to the greeting cards. Ink & Iron is definitely a name to remember. For their custom made invitations, announcements, greeting cards, head to Pilot Press, their studio located in Davis, California.

+ happy face letterpress birthday card $4 USD at Ink & Iron on etsy
+ we’re a great match letterpress anniversary card $4 on etsy


Friendly Robot Cards and More Ideas on Planning a Robot Party for Kids

friendly robot cards by Sweet Harvey letterpress

friendly robot cards by Sweet Harvey letterpress

The freelance artist Brandi Powell drew adorable robots for her letterpress cards. She designed a robot card for a few occasions. Each one is inviting.

robot birthday theme :: letterpress birthday card :: robot garland and party favor bags

On my previous post about cupcake toppers, I told you about mixing party decorations from different suppliers to get a custom look. Here a good example. The birthday invite from Sweet Harvey Letterpress goes well with the 3D robot garland and the party bag. Plus, the robot cupcake kit by Meri Meri saves you time and requires no cake decoration skills.

If you are looking for more inspirations, find more ideas on how to design a remarkable robot kid party by revisiting an old post.

+ Missing You Robot Cards $10.50 for pack of 3
+ Robot Hello Cards $18 for pack of 10
+ Happy Birthday Robot Card $4 USD
+ Robot Party Decor Supplies by Meri Meri $9.95 to $22.95 USD


Wedding Invitations with Modern Elegance

fall wedding invitation :: good old days collection by chewing the cud

I enjoy the new breed of wedding invitations that emerged over the last decade. They are less generic. Brides and grooms now have the chance to tailor their invites to their wedding celebrations. One wedding invitation studio that I like is Chewing The Cud.

Based in San Francisco, they offered a fully custom made service and a signature line that can be personalized with illustrations, motifs, ribbons, and embellishments.

flourish fete wedding invitations by chewing the cud

Their signature invitations are suitable for any stylish event with a chic vintage flair. I can imagine using them for a big-0 birthday or an anniversary. All their invitations are letterpress printed on 100% cotton, tree free paper with soy based inks.

Two of my favorite collections for something else than a wedding are:

+ The Good Old Days would be good for a special event designed around local food or taking place in the countryside – starts at $1875 USD
+ Flourish Fête would be perfect for a milestone anniversary – starts at $2175 for 75 invitation kits

An invitation kit is the invitation card with its envelop, the RSVP card with the response envelop plus an additional card.

+ Chewing The Cud


Linda & Harriett Note Cards Giveaway

linda & harriett note card give away

Here is your chance to get a note card in exchange of sending the card to someone. This free gesture is to honor the memory of Linda, the mother of the owner of Linda & Harriett. In fact, Liz named her stationery studio after the names of her mother and of her grand-mother to acknowledge that these two women were important creative forces for her.

Liz creates freshly modern and simple note cards.

paper doll note cards designed by linda & harriett

I particularly like the letterpress paper doll note cards in in yellow and charcoal. It is feminine without being too girlie.

You can receive a note card in one of two ways:

  • Grab it in person at Blue Sky Bakery located at 53 5th Avenue in Brooklyn on Monday, October 19th, 2009 between 10am to 1pm. Liz will welcome you. The bakery is between Bergen Street and St. Marks Place.
  • Otherwise, send an email at by Monday, October 19th, 2009 at noon EST with your name and shipping address.

+ Linda & Harriett
+ paper doll note cards $14 USD for 6 cards with light gray envelops


Chewing the Cud Weddings Tells Your Tale with Your Wedding Invites

chewing the cud weddings signature line :: unique custom invites

Each couple has a story. I happened to meet a TV actress not too long ago. I am telling her how I could relate to her storyline because my husband and I got together a little bit the same way of her character.

I am telling you that because people do not always know or remember how you became a couple. If you have an interesting story, one of most memorable things you can do for your wedding celebrations is to splurge on personalized designed invites, place cards and paper goods.

I have to warn you: Be ready to be swept off your feet with the bespoke portfolio of Chewing the Cud Weddings. Their attention to details is totally divine. But craftsmanship and exclusivity have its price tag.

Chewing the Cud was founded by Viola, a graphic designer from San Francisco. To know the extent of her talents, look at what she did for her own wedding.

Get Inspired by To Kill a Mockingbird

Viola loves books. Her husband Phillip loves movies. “To Kill a Mockingbird” was their favorite story of all time and became the inspiration for the wedding. Viola designed their save the date cards, invitations, event details and a press kit.

Some of the wonderful details included:

  • Guests are invited to write wishes for the couple on the bird cut-outs.
  • Instead of seating cards, guests are invited to discover their names on colorful journals that nestled in the milk crates.
  • Viola printed their vows, their favorite poems and she hand-drew playful illustrations throughout the custom table runner. This is really an idea to borrow for a birthday party or an anniversary celebration.
  • Treasure boxes sat on the dinner tables. They revealed childhood photos of the couple and guests which turned out to be a successful conversation opener. Trivia questions also appeared on the menu. When you host an event with guests who do not necessary know each other, make sure to plan a conversation starter activity.

A Signature Collection

The official launch of Chewing the Cud Weddings is recent; it happened on April 8th, 2008. Besides the unique and true to your wedding vision of Bespoke, Chewing the Cud Weddings proposed a signature line featuring 14 refreshing styles. Every signature style is inspired by a concept/theme that can be further personalized by choosing from our assortment of motifs, illustrations, ribbons and embellishments.

Chewing the Cud Weddings has partnered with Flybird Press. Your invites will be printed on the finest 100% cotton, tree free papers with soy based inks. Flybird Press prints with a vintage flywheel letterpress.

Understanding The Price

The attention to details and excellent craftsmanship that go in the making of these wedding invitations explain the higher price bracket. Having work on designing custom cards myself, it is time consuming. And a lot of work went prior in designing the signature line. When you factor everything in, her invites are reasonably priced.

I envy Viola since I thought about launching a similar business two years ago. I wish Viola all the best with Chewing the Cud Weddings. She developed a great concept. She brings something new to the table. I hope the market will respond well.

If you are interested by her services, you will find on the Chewing the Cud Weddings Web site how the process works with both options: the bespoke invitations and the signature line.

Learn more: Chewing the Cud Weddings – starts at $1875 for 75 invites with RSVP, $2100 for 150 invites
Her blog: chewing the cud weddings has launched!
Via: Wedding Invitations by Chewing the Cud by Style Me Pretty


Sweet letterpress birthday cards for young children | etsy watch

sweetbeets_cardsLisa Zuraw of sweetbeets produces the most adorable birthday cards. Lisa finds the inspiration for drawing her original illustrations by watching her children play. Her cards focus on infants and preschoolers from what I have seen.

Sweetbeets’ cards are eco-friendly. They are printed using vegetable-based inks on 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Her technique leaves a crisp impression that you can see and feel. That is the beauty of letterpress printing.

Sweetbeets will debut at the National Stationery Show in New York, May 18 to 21, 2008. So if you are going at the show, visit her at booth 2134.

There are many new babies in my circle of friends. That is why I started a reserve a few months ago. Her cards cost $5.50 each or make your own set of any 4 cards for $18 at her etsy shop.

Lisa Zuraw also writes Modeco Kids, a blog on modern and eco-friendly products for babies and children.

Buy online: spinning top card by sweetbeets – price: $5.50 USD
Buy online: three blocks by sweetbeets – price: $5.50 USD
Buy online: puddle jumping fun by sweetbeets – price: $5.50 USD
Buy online: birthday girl balloon by sweetbeets – price: $5.50 USD


Going green | 3 to 4 blogs and a mood board – 2007.10.14 edition

Freshly {blended} : Nesting : Paper Shop Ink : Apartment Therapy The Kitchen

In honor of the Blog Action Day about Environment of tomorrow, I selected appealing products with a green mind. These products are unique and deserve your attention.

1 | Freshly {blended} for Sustainable Find

Book & print designer Nicole Lecht from Freshly {blended} introduced a cool invite collection from Round Robin Press designed by Shannon Lowry.

These beautiful cards are eco-friendly with a twist. You can actually plant these cards, wildflower seeds are embedded in the paper! Several models and packages are available at Shannon’s etsy store

You can follow the adventures of Shannon Lowry with her letterpress business on her blog.

2 | Nesting for Plant-Me Pets

This post seems to have been buried from the Nesting blog by Cookies magazine. But I still want to spotlight these adorable natural latex rubber sculptures for adults and kids. Nicely package, Plant-Me Pet makes a unique hostess gift or to bring at a housewarming party.

If you get tired of looking at your Plant-Me Pet on your desk or shelf, simply plant the sculpture head-first in a pot of soil with the seeds fully covered. Give water and install the pot in the sun. The rubber will decompose and a plant will soon sprout. Plant-Me Pets are available in three varieties, cantaloupe, tomato and pumpkin at Branch.

3 | Paper Shop ink. for Frazier & Wing

The Paper Shop ink. blog offer thoughts on stationery products, creative designs and unique stationery gifts. This week they showed us great paper mobiles.

The color mobiles from Frazier & Wing are made from recycled magazine pages. I like the fact of giving a second life before something goes to the recycle bin. Mobiles are a great way to decorate a room or to create a psychological barrier in a space. When you are planning a party, you can use mobiles to instantly bring a festive look for any party. If you are crafty and have the time, you can try to make your own version.

The amazing art exposition of Vik Muniz: Reflex presented at Musee d’art contemporain de Montreal (MACM) from October 4, 2007 to January 6, 2008 displayed several art pieces with the same principles. Pictures of Magazines (2003-2005) are a series of portraits and famous artworks reproduced with millions of circular pieces of paper punched from magazines. All the art pieces of Vik Muniz shown at this exposition are impressive.

4 | The Kitchen franchise of Apartment Therapy for Thursday Giveaway: method Green Bag

According to the review by Apartment Therapy: The Kitchen, method Green bag is practical shopping tote with an interior pocket for your wallet and keys. You can keep it folded up neatly and ready to fill in your purse. That is the best way to not forget it. All for free, kind of.

When you purchase $20 USD ($25.00 CAD in Canada) or more worth of any method products, method will reward you with a Plastic Bag Rehab tote. To get yours, download the mail-in form at This promotion runs from October to December, while supplies last.

And what makes this shopping tote bag even more attractive is that the method name is not showcased. This is a lesson to be learned by companies regarding promotional items. Consumers value them more if you keep your name inside the bag.

Buy online: Plant Me! Variety 4-pack at the etsy shop of Round Robin Press – price $20 USD for 4 cards and envelops
Buy online: Plant-Me Pet at Branch – price:$20 USD
Buy online: Recycled Magazine Mobile Collection at Frazier & Wing – starts at $85 USD
Learn more: method Plastic Bag Rehab tote at – for Canadians and Americans