Chewing the Cud Weddings Tells Your Tale with Your Wedding Invites

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Each couple has a story. I happened to meet a TV actress not too long ago. I am telling her how I could relate to her storyline because my husband and I got together a little bit the same way of her character.

I am telling you that because people do not always know or remember how you became a couple. If you have an interesting story, one of most memorable things you can do for your wedding celebrations is to splurge on personalized designed invites, place cards and paper goods.

I have to warn you: Be ready to be swept off your feet with the bespoke portfolio of Chewing the Cud Weddings. Their attention to details is totally divine. But craftsmanship and exclusivity have its price tag.

Chewing the Cud was founded by Viola, a graphic designer from San Francisco. To know the extent of her talents, look at what she did for her own wedding.

Get Inspired by To Kill a Mockingbird

Viola loves books. Her husband Phillip loves movies. “To Kill a Mockingbird” was their favorite story of all time and became the inspiration for the wedding. Viola designed their save the date cards, invitations, event details and a press kit.

Some of the wonderful details included:

  • Guests are invited to write wishes for the couple on the bird cut-outs.
  • Instead of seating cards, guests are invited to discover their names on colorful journals that nestled in the milk crates.
  • Viola printed their vows, their favorite poems and she hand-drew playful illustrations throughout the custom table runner. This is really an idea to borrow for a birthday party or an anniversary celebration.
  • Treasure boxes sat on the dinner tables. They revealed childhood photos of the couple and guests which turned out to be a successful conversation opener. Trivia questions also appeared on the menu. When you host an event with guests who do not necessary know each other, make sure to plan a conversation starter activity.

A Signature Collection

The official launch of Chewing the Cud Weddings is recent; it happened on April 8th, 2008. Besides the unique and true to your wedding vision of Bespoke, Chewing the Cud Weddings proposed a signature line featuring 14 refreshing styles. Every signature style is inspired by a concept/theme that can be further personalized by choosing from our assortment of motifs, illustrations, ribbons and embellishments.

Chewing the Cud Weddings has partnered with Flybird Press. Your invites will be printed on the finest 100% cotton, tree free papers with soy based inks. Flybird Press prints with a vintage flywheel letterpress.

Understanding The Price

The attention to details and excellent craftsmanship that go in the making of these wedding invitations explain the higher price bracket. Having work on designing custom cards myself, it is time consuming. And a lot of work went prior in designing the signature line. When you factor everything in, her invites are reasonably priced.

I envy Viola since I thought about launching a similar business two years ago. I wish Viola all the best with Chewing the Cud Weddings. She developed a great concept. She brings something new to the table. I hope the market will respond well.

If you are interested by her services, you will find on the Chewing the Cud Weddings Web site how the process works with both options: the bespoke invitations and the signature line.

Learn more: Chewing the Cud Weddings – starts at $1875 for 75 invites with RSVP, $2100 for 150 invites
Her blog: chewing the cud weddings has launched!
Via: Wedding Invitations by Chewing the Cud by Style Me Pretty

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    It’s Christmas each day with you Kim. I am like a little girl opening her present when I turn on my
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  • sk-rt.com
    April 15, 2008 at 17:22

    Each couple has a story. One of most memorable things you can do for your wedding celebrations is to splurge on personalized designed invites, place cards and paper goods. Plus discover a new line of signature wedding invitations from a graphic studio in San Francisco.

  • mandino
    December 29, 2008 at 01:58

    I really can understand that wedding invitations can all cost some price even the DIY invitation too. I have my invitaiton done as a DVD invitation. That way there is this level of interactivity between me and the guest. I got that idea from Silver Screen Invites, and I really love their designs and the features too!