Going green | 3 to 4 blogs and a mood board – 2007.10.14 edition

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In honor of the Blog Action Day about Environment of tomorrow, I selected appealing products with a green mind. These products are unique and deserve your attention.

1 | Freshly {blended} for Sustainable Find

Book & print designer Nicole Lecht from Freshly {blended} introduced a cool invite collection from Round Robin Press designed by Shannon Lowry.

These beautiful cards are eco-friendly with a twist. You can actually plant these cards, wildflower seeds are embedded in the paper! Several models and packages are available at Shannon’s etsy store

You can follow the adventures of Shannon Lowry with her letterpress business on her blog.

2 | Nesting for Plant-Me Pets

This post seems to have been buried from the Nesting blog by Cookies magazine. But I still want to spotlight these adorable natural latex rubber sculptures for adults and kids. Nicely package, Plant-Me Pet makes a unique hostess gift or to bring at a housewarming party.

If you get tired of looking at your Plant-Me Pet on your desk or shelf, simply plant the sculpture head-first in a pot of soil with the seeds fully covered. Give water and install the pot in the sun. The rubber will decompose and a plant will soon sprout. Plant-Me Pets are available in three varieties, cantaloupe, tomato and pumpkin at Branch.

3 | Paper Shop ink. for Frazier & Wing

The Paper Shop ink. blog offer thoughts on stationery products, creative designs and unique stationery gifts. This week they showed us great paper mobiles.

The color mobiles from Frazier & Wing are made from recycled magazine pages. I like the fact of giving a second life before something goes to the recycle bin. Mobiles are a great way to decorate a room or to create a psychological barrier in a space. When you are planning a party, you can use mobiles to instantly bring a festive look for any party. If you are crafty and have the time, you can try to make your own version.

The amazing art exposition of Vik Muniz: Reflex presented at Musee d’art contemporain de Montreal (MACM) from October 4, 2007 to January 6, 2008 displayed several art pieces with the same principles. Pictures of Magazines (2003-2005) are a series of portraits and famous artworks reproduced with millions of circular pieces of paper punched from magazines. All the art pieces of Vik Muniz shown at this exposition are impressive.

4 | The Kitchen franchise of Apartment Therapy for Thursday Giveaway: method Green Bag

According to the review by Apartment Therapy: The Kitchen, method Green bag is practical shopping tote with an interior pocket for your wallet and keys. You can keep it folded up neatly and ready to fill in your purse. That is the best way to not forget it. All for free, kind of.

When you purchase $20 USD ($25.00 CAD in Canada) or more worth of any method products, method will reward you with a Plastic Bag Rehab tote. To get yours, download the mail-in form at givegreener.com. This promotion runs from October to December, while supplies last.

And what makes this shopping tote bag even more attractive is that the method name is not showcased. This is a lesson to be learned by companies regarding promotional items. Consumers value them more if you keep your name inside the bag.

Buy online: Plant Me! Variety 4-pack at the etsy shop of Round Robin Press – price $20 USD for 4 cards and envelops
Buy online: Plant-Me Pet at Branch – price:$20 USD
Buy online: Recycled Magazine Mobile Collection at Frazier & Wing – starts at $85 USD
Learn more: method Plastic Bag Rehab tote at givegreener.com – for Canadians and Americans

  • shannon
    January 18, 2008 at 21:17

    Thank you SO much for posting about my cards. I just came across this, I’m sorry I didn’t thank you sooner!

    all my best,
    shannon lowry