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Liberty of London Fabric Garlands Made in Quebec

les triplettes garlands

les triplettes garlands

This morning I had breakfast with Sophie Manessiez Guinet, the co-founder of and Les Triplettes and the other panelists to prepare our e-Commerce and women panel at Webcom Montreal in May. On our way back, I walked home with Sophie. So we chatted on our current projects. This is where I learned about her new venture, Les Triplettes.

I wish to introduce their fabric garlands made with Liberty of London textile. Sophie is fond of these fabrics. The Liberty of London is a high quality cotton with delicate patterns. I usually buy my fabric garlands on Etsy but it is good to know that they are some produced in Quebec.

Available in 10 patterns, Les Triplettes garlands will cheer up any playroom.

+ Les Triplettes Garland $36 at


Meet Duck Harry, which is Not a Rubber Ducky

duck harry

duck harry

Don’t be fooled by what you see at first sight. I was thrilled when I thought that they modernized the rubber duck that is the companion of every child’s bath time. But it is not the case. Duck Harry can’t float! Instead, Icelandic designer Hlynur Atlason created it as a multi-purpose item. Intended usages are a a toothbrush/toothpaste tube holder when you put it on the side, a doorstop or a paperweight. I wonder if we could use it as a bookend.

So, what your verdict? Would you give Duck Harry a chance? Or, are you disappointed, like me, that it can’t float? Having said that, Duck Harry would look great as a doorstep for a nursery or a bathroom.

+ Duck Harry, in yellow or black $28 USD at Kontextür


Design for Kids: Puzzle Playhouse

modern playhouse puzzle kids wood

Any parent will tell you that toys, books and gear have a way of taking over the home, and that there’s a constant battle to find clutter-busting solutions.

Small and versatile, this puzzle playhouse by Modern Playhouse was created by industrial designer Svend Nielsen with design-savvy, eco-conscious parents in mind. Made from sustainably-sourced natural maple wood, the playhouse assembles (or disassembles) in less than 10 minutes without any tools, so you can set it up for the day and store it away when kids are on to something else.

modern playhouse puzzle kids wood

And since kids have a style their own, Modern Playhouse offers a couple of other models. Though they won’t disassemble quite as quickly as the Puzzle Playhouse, their Circle Playhouse was a finalist for design in the Play category at the 2011 Dwell Modern World awards.

modern playhouse circle wood kids

Though they’re built to last for generations, these well-designed playhouses aren’t for everyone’s budget. Modern Playhouse also offers accessories like playhouse furniture sets and sustainable felt storage options.

+ Puzzle Playhouse from Modern Playhouse, $650



Architect Lamps and Stools in Bold Colors

flamingo berry stool

architect lamps

Here are two items that are sure to cheer up your work/study desk area or a craft room. First, the classic architect lamp gets a boost of colors. Then, you can use the flamingo stool as a guest sit or as a coffee table next to your reading chair.

flamingo berry stool

Each one is available in 6 bright colors. The big question for me would be to decide which color to take between orange, aqua, green or berry. Notice that the Flamingo stools are only sold online.

+ Architect Berry Lamp $32.95 USD at Crate & Barrel
+ Flamingo Berry Stool $16.95 USD


Baby Shoe Art

diy baby shoes frame growth chart

diy baby shoes frame growth chart

This super sweet project is one that solves a double-dilemna: where to find inexpensive nursery art and what to do with those adorable baby things you can’t bear to give away.

Shoes are a well-heeled choice for a little girl’s room but work just as well for baby boys, whether framed as a series of pairs or squeezed side-by-side in one shadow box. Either way, it’s a clever way to create a custom growth chart.

+ Framed Baby Shoes photo via Liberty Biberty
DIY Shoe Growth Chart from Real Simple


Playful Wallpapers for Kids

kido's wallpapers by coordonne

The new Kido’s collection by the Spanish wallpaper brand Coordonne is cheerful and playful. It transports the kids into a quest for adventures. The original designs range from dancing flamenco ladies to comical birds, cars and houses in the forest. Sadly, I do not think that their products have crossed this side of the Atlantic. Nonetheless, I shared them as eye candy.

+ Kido’s collection by Coordonne


Toy Car Storage Solution

toy car knife rack storage

toy car knife rack storage

When you think outside of the kitchen, magnetic knife racks are incredibly versatile for storing all types of tools and objects. I use one in my craft room to organize scissors and other craft supplies, and my husband uses one for screwdrivers and pliers.

Turns out they’re also a clever option for keeping toys out from underfoot. Danielle at The Style Files shares how you can put one to work in kids rooms to store toy cars. It’s a great way to keep toys organized yet still accessible for small hands.

One thing’s for sure: post-playtime clean-up will be a cinch.

+ Toy Car Storage Idea from The Style Files
+ Grundtal Magnetic Knife Rack $14.99 CAD at Ikea
+ Asker Magnetic Knife Rack $18.99 CAD at Ikea


Ideas for A Small Craft Space

craft station

craft station

When I designed the new floor plan for our home, I made sure to allocate a small part of the den (that we use as a library) to become a craft station. It is a small space. I have 57 inches of wall to play with. After looking at many possible configurations, I am leaning for a single desk with storage and top shelves.

Since I do not wish to spend a lot of  money to furnish it, I browsed the IKEA catalogue in search of the prefect desk for my space. My craft space will be located just beside the nursery door, in an open space. Therefore, having closed storage is essential. I also want something cheerful that will stimulate my creativity. I think that I found a good solution with the MICKE work station.

The things I like about it:

  • the adjustable shelf inside the storage compartment. It is designed for a computer tower but I could configure it to suit my need;
  • I won’t have to make many holes on my wall with the storage unit equipped with a magnetic writing board and shelves;
  • it comes in orange

Another option would be to take the small MICKE desk workstation and place the drawer unit on casters next to it to expand the work surface. I will wait until I see it in person to make a decision.

I am looking for a way to have easy access to wrapping ribbons and my growing Japanese washi tape collection. One solution could be to hang two GRUNDTAL rails.

Inspired by a Creative Kids Corner

creative kids corner from the happy home

Have a look at the superb craft corner that Belinda Graham of The Happy Home designed for her two kids. I love it! She put to good use the  GRUNDTAL rail. And I am impressed by the way she transformed the basic LÄTT table and chairs from IKEA with simply black paint and several washi tapes.

+ larger MICKE desk workstation $139.99 CAD
+ small MICKE desk workstation $89.99 CAD
+ MICKE drawer unit on casters $79.99 CAD
+ GRUNDTAL rail $6.99 CAD and up, depending of the size
+ Creative kids corner photographed by Belinda Graham of The Happy Home


Cool Wallpapered Rooms

boutique silhouette wallpaper by harlequin

desire and eco highway patterns :: graham and brown wallpapers

I must confess that I never put wallpapers on my home but I would like to commit to one pattern one day. To help me to take the plunge, I like to admire gorgeous wallpapered rooms. If you wish to use wallpapers, here are a few rules to obey. First, less is more. Therefore, restrain it to one wall.  Best results are obtained when you install it on a continuous surface.

boutique silhouette wallpaper by harlequin

The choices are stunning from the grand damask design to the big modern floral or organic patterns. I have a thing right now for the trees of the Silhouette pattern by Harlequin.

gardenia pattern from juniper fabric and wallpaper collection by harlequin

For Kids Rooms

what a hoot fabrics and wallpapers by harlequin

The patterns for kids are as impressive. You can find plenty of playful wallpapers than look sophisticated and unique. On the left, the British houses illustrated paper is called Brighton. Used for the drapes and cushions, the Go Go Retro fabric is mixed with Bonbon fabrics to create a vintage scheme for a boy’s room.

Which pattern is your favorite?

+ Desire in Teal Wallpaper by Graham & Brown $70 USD /roll
+ Eco Highway in White Wallpaper by Graham & Brown $60 /roll
+ Silhouette Wallpaper from Boutique Collection by Harlequin
+ Gardenia Pattern from the Juniper Collection by Harlequin
+ What a Hoot Wallpaper Collection by Harlequin


Toy Storage and Bedroom Storage Solutions for my Organizing Monday

orgazining toys :: fabric storage solutions by modern-twist

Plastic bins are bulky. Therefore, I am looking for other options to enable kids to store and carry their toys. I found a clever yet simple solution that is multipurpose.

Modern Twist produced a neat and stylish solution for kids and grown ups. Their hiding bags exist in several formats. From the tiny portable Hide Box perfect for carrying jewels when you travel to the medium Hide Box II to empty your pocket when you get home up to the versatile PJ Pocket Pillow bags. The PJ Pocket Pillow can fit blankets, a pair of sandals, a stuffed animal, or a children book. They can hold all type of toys and objects.

The design is inspired by a vintage Japanese design. The fabrics are awesome. Modern Twist proposes for kids  abstract elephants and squirrels in soft blue, green, orange and yellow. Adults may prefer the lemon twist available in cream and brown or cream and red.

vintage style bedroom storage by modern-twist

Do not forget the guestroom. Keep 2 PJ Pocket Pillow bags to leave to your guests while they are staying over. They will appreciate it as they carry their stuff from the bedroom to the bathroom.

+ Hide Box $24 for 3-inch box
+ Hide Box II $25 for 8-inch box
+ Modern-Twist PJ Pillow bags $50 USD


Flag Banners and I Robot Hooks Invade Kids Space

handmade flag banners

These pictures illustrate perfectly how richly patterned flag banners bring a festive look to a simple playground. There are a must for kids birthday parties. 24 cotton pennants in 12 designs compose each banner. The banners are hand made in Netherlands.

I found those at ROMP, a kid store born in Brooklyn that now resides on Hudson Valley. ROMP is the brainchild of a designer and mom called Jenn Labelle. Her store is filled with amazing toys, playroom accessories and kids room décor.

i robot i help hooks

From the latest collection, the I Robot I Help coat hangers are awesome. Kids will love those. They come complete with screws/eyes. Email them to know the next delivery dates because they are marked out of stock.

+ Flag Banners $30 USD
+ I Robot I Help hook / coat hanger large $50, mini $22 USD