Ideas for A Small Craft Space

craft station

craft station

When I designed the new floor plan for our home, I made sure to allocate a small part of the den (that we use as a library) to become a craft station. It is a small space. I have 57 inches of wall to play with. After looking at many possible configurations, I am leaning for a single desk with storage and top shelves.

Since I do not wish to spend a lot of  money to furnish it, I browsed the IKEA catalogue in search of the prefect desk for my space. My craft space will be located just beside the nursery door, in an open space. Therefore, having closed storage is essential. I also want something cheerful that will stimulate my creativity. I think that I found a good solution with the MICKE work station.

The things I like about it:

  • the adjustable shelf inside the storage compartment. It is designed for a computer tower but I could configure it to suit my need;
  • I won’t have to make many holes on my wall with the storage unit equipped with a magnetic writing board and shelves;
  • it comes in orange

Another option would be to take the small MICKE desk workstation and place the drawer unit on casters next to it to expand the work surface. I will wait until I see it in person to make a decision.

I am looking for a way to have easy access to wrapping ribbons and my growing Japanese washi tape collection. One solution could be to hang two GRUNDTAL rails.

Inspired by a Creative Kids Corner

creative kids corner from the happy home

Have a look at the superb craft corner that Belinda Graham of The Happy Home designed for her two kids. I love it! She put to good use the  GRUNDTAL rail. And I am impressed by the way she transformed the basic LÄTT table and chairs from IKEA with simply black paint and several washi tapes.

+ larger MICKE desk workstation $139.99 CAD
+ small MICKE desk workstation $89.99 CAD
+ MICKE drawer unit on casters $79.99 CAD
+ GRUNDTAL rail $6.99 CAD and up, depending of the size
+ Creative kids corner photographed by Belinda Graham of The Happy Home

  • Emily Fitzhugh
    January 19, 2011 at 10:41

    How I love the way the pails are hanging. What a great idea even for a mudroom, or garden space. Wonderful post. xo

  • Marisa
    January 24, 2011 at 12:49

    Love the craft corner – and such great use of washi tape!