Toy Storage and Bedroom Storage Solutions for my Organizing Monday

orgazining toys :: fabric storage solutions by modern-twist

Plastic bins are bulky. Therefore, I am looking for other options to enable kids to store and carry their toys. I found a clever yet simple solution that is multipurpose.

Modern Twist produced a neat and stylish solution for kids and grown ups. Their hiding bags exist in several formats. From the tiny portable Hide Box perfect for carrying jewels when you travel to the medium Hide Box II to empty your pocket when you get home up to the versatile PJ Pocket Pillow bags. The PJ Pocket Pillow can fit blankets, a pair of sandals, a stuffed animal, or a children book. They can hold all type of toys and objects.

The design is inspired by a vintage Japanese design. The fabrics are awesome. Modern Twist proposes for kids  abstract elephants and squirrels in soft blue, green, orange and yellow. Adults may prefer the lemon twist available in cream and brown or cream and red.

vintage style bedroom storage by modern-twist

Do not forget the guestroom. Keep 2 PJ Pocket Pillow bags to leave to your guests while they are staying over. They will appreciate it as they carry their stuff from the bedroom to the bathroom.

+ Hide Box $24 for 3-inch box
+ Hide Box II $25 for 8-inch box
+ Modern-Twist PJ Pillow bags $50 USD

  • shoppersdream
    May 21, 2009 at 07:01

    Good idea Thanks for the info