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Shower Them With An Ice Cream Party

ice cream sundae bar vintage outdoor party shower

Not only is today the official start of summer, it’s the official start of shower season, when busy bridal parties fête the blushing bride-to-be, and soon-to-be-moms are celebrated.

If you think ice cream is just for kid’s birthday parties, take a peek at these perfectly planned bridal showers. This theme is a, well, cool alternative to the traditional tea party, adding a double-scoop of vintage charm and fresh elegance.

Ice Cream Sundae Bar
Since it won’t take more than a trip to the frozen food section to plan the menu, you can focus on adding extras to create a make-your-own sundae station.

ice cream party vintage outdoor shower

A muted chocolate-and-vanilla palette allows paper details on the containers and cones to pop. Ice cream cone cups also make clever vessels for sundae toppings.

ice cream sundae bar vintage outdoor party shower

Dress Up Store-Bought Snacks
In this case, simple scrapbook paper, colourful twine and labels with an old-fashioned look go a long way in helping zero-effort store-bought snacks to look like too-good-to-eat treats.

ice cream party sandwiches wrap paper shower

ice cream party sundae bar paper shower

Again, look for creative objects to display ice cream extras. Here, a thrifted tabletop ferris wheel is the perfect carrier for candy toppings.

Ice Cream, Italian-Style

ice cream party gelato ruffled wedding shower

The creme-de-la-creme of ice cream parties doesn’t actually include ice cream at all. The pastel shades of gelato are the inspiration for both the menu and party palette in feminine shades of pink, green and orange.

ice cream party gelato shower paper invitations menu

Simple floral arrangements in paper cones are a creative nod to the ice cream theme, while tissue paper blooms create a pretty backdrop. The party planners kept things personal by including the guest-of-honour’s name on the paper cones and gelato containers.

ice cream party gelato shower tablescape

Mix-and-match dishes have vintage charm that reinforce the girly vibe.

Free Ice Cream Themed Printable
Put this cute collection of ice cream-themed printables from Eat Drink Chic to work as tags on shower favours or string them together as a banner.

ice cream party printable

+ Ice Cream Sundae Bar from The Sweetest Occasion
Ice Cream Birthday from A Subtle Revelry
+ Heels and Gelato Party from Ruffled
+ Free Ice Cream Printable from Eat Drink Chic


Sweet Lucie’s Organic Ice Cream Cart

sweet lucie's vintage ice cream cart

sweet lucie's vintage ice cream cart

Sweet Lucie’s is another cute story born from the desire of parents-to-be to eat organic food. The idea emerged from the ice cream craving of Geri. This explained why owners Geri and Mike Czako named business after their little girl.

I was sold when I first laid my eyes on their charming 1950’s ice cream truck and their vintage ice cream cart. From the reviews I read online, their organic ice cream is supposed to be divine. I say “Bravo!” for developing such a superb concept.

Serving Southern California

sweet lucie's organic ice cream vintage cart and truck

If I was hosting a wedding, a birthday party, a bar/bat mitzvah or a special private party in the Southern California area, I would give them a call. Sweet Lucie’s can cater up to 600 guests per event but you do not have to host a huge party like that go with this party rental service. I know that they were hired for a 40th birthday party, kids birthdays, weddings and a golf tournament. Sweet Lucie’s will work with you to tailor the ice cream flavors to your taste and party theme. They can also serve a sunday bar.

sweet lucie's mint lemonade sorbet recipe

As far as I know they did not start yet, but they should bring their ice cream to the streets of Southern California in a near future. For the rest of us who live too far to enjoy their tasty ice cream, we can prepare their Simple At-Home Organic Mint Lemonade Sorbet Recipe.

+ Sweet Lucie’s
+ Sweet Lucie’s at The Knot event – photo by Duke Photography Inc.
+ Simple At-Home Organic Mint Lemonade Sorbet Recipe on Tastespotting’s blog


The One-Ingredient Frozen Banana Ice Cream

frozen banana ice cream

frozen banana ice cream

When I read about this neat trick on The Kitchn, I said Eureka! I feel bad about throwing out ripe bananas. Now I found a great way to not waste food, eat more healthier dessert and at the time, to get the feeling of eating ice cream. All that, without the added calories. It sounds to good to be true but by reading the comments on The Kitchn, they are not joking.

The trick is simple, you wait until your bananas are well frozen. Cut them in small pieces. Then, you whiz it up in a blender or food processor until you get a custard-like texture. For a twist, you can add a tablespoon of peanut butter. You can eat it right away or put back in the freezer your banana ice cream. I will make my batch.

+ Get the step by step instructions for the one-ingredient ice cream recipe at the Kitchn


Artisanal Ice Pop Shops in New York and Los Angeles

gourmet ice pops in a range of innovative flavors at the popshop

popGelato, popSorbetto and popYogourt at popbar in New York

It was only a matter of time before people reinvent another childhood classic with gourmet ice pops. Ice pop molds have entered our houses a while ago but it tool longer to see artisanal shops that make handmade ice pops. Spring 2010 has brought his share of the gourmet ice pop shops, at least in New York City. An article of The New York Times listed four newly opened ice pop shops across New York City.

fruit and herb frozen pops by people\'s pops

You get a variety of flavors from the classic fruit and herb ice pops up to an Italian pop version made with gelato, sorbetto or yogourt. People’s Pops like to experiment with flavors. Past flavors included Spiced Rhubarb ice pops, Blackberry & Lemon Verbena ice pops, or Rhubarb-Jasmine ice pops.

gourmet ice pops in a range of innovative flavors at the popshop

If you do not count your calories, you can add toppings and a chocolate coating to your Popbar. I could be tempted by the Pistachio dizzle which is a Pistacho popGelato covered in chopped pistachios and drizzled with premium dark chocolate. Otherwise, I would try the  lighter Strawberry Lemon popSorbetto. Popbar is the first American shop launched by an Italian artisanal gelato maker called Stick House. They adapted their concept to the American market.

I wanted to know if the concept has made it outside New York City. I browsed the Web to see what is happening elsewhere. I found that there is at least one artisanal pop shop in Los Angeles. According to their Facebook page, The Popshop was founded in 2008. They sell their products at several venues including the Studio City Farmers Market during summer. Flavors at The Popshop vary weekly. With choices like Blueberry Lemonade, Chili Chocolate, Cucumber Lime, Lavender Lemon, Lemon Basil, Lime Mint Mojito, Meyer Lemon Ginger, Pomegranate Orange, Spiced Cider, Strawberry Lemonade, and Watermelon Lime, we are far away from the mass-market Popsicles.

And before these newcomers, Paleteria Fernandez offered forty flavors of paletas de fruta (frozen fruit pops) and paletas de leche (milk pops) at their Port Chester shop. I spotted a review on The Wesfoodie’s that dated from 2006.

You will look to be in the know if you serve your own handmade ice pops at parties this summer. I particularly like the idea of making yours with gelato instead of frozen fruit juices.

+ Popbar $3.99 to $4.99 USD – shop located at 5 Carmine Street (at 6th Avenue), NYC
+ People’s Pops $3.50 USD – shop located at Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth Avenue (at 15th Street), NYC
+ The Popshop – with selected retailers across LA – photography by Renee Anjanette as seen on LAist


Crispy Sandwich by Häagen-Daz

strawberry crispy sandwich by Haagen-Dazs

strawberry crispy sandwich by Haagen-Dazs

I wish that we were able to buy crispy sandwiches in North America. Unfortunately, this ice cream sandwich for adult tastes is only available in Japan (since 2001) and in Europe (since 2004).

Instead of the chocolate cookies that we are used to in North America, a crispy sandwich has an ice cream center that is covered with crunchy, thin wafers. The result is a lighter ice cream sandwich. Current flavors are strawberry ice cream and caramel ice cream with a plain wafer or vanilla ice cream with a chocolate wafer. I like the strawberry one. Another detail is that the wafer is oval.

+ Crispy Sandwich by Häagen-Daz


Rustic Fruit Pies and Tarts by Real Simple

rustic fruit pies and tarts by real simple

Besides a crème brulée, I can rarely refuse a piece of delicious fruit pie. It is a wonderful dessert to serve your family or friends.

Rustic pies symbolize comfort food. Take advantage of the fact that fruits and berries are in season to bake a pie. You will find 26 delectable pie and tart recipes on Real Simple. Apparently you are guaranteed to get a golden crust if you use a cast-iron skillet to bake your fruit pie.

Four Easy to Make Fruit Pie Recipes

+ For the finale of a Sunday brunch, make an Ice Cream Pie With Warm Blueberry Sauce. This one is made with a store-bought refrigerated piecrust – photo by James Baigrie

+  Serve this Raspberry and Rhubarb Tart to your family this weekend – photo by Christopher Baker

+ I found on the Web many forms of Apple Kuchen. Something, it looks like the classic apple pie, sometimes is has a cake base instead of a dough. I even see recipes done with layers of pancakes. I am not sure what is a true Viennese Apple Kuchen, but this Apple Kuchen glazed with apricot jam on Real Simple looks appetizing for someone like me that enjoy apple pie. Photo by Quentin Bacon

+ Like pizza, tarts and pies can be square. I like the look of this Pressed-Crust Pear Tart. It is made with Bosc pears but use whichever pears are in season. For entertaining, it is good to know that this tart can be prepared up to two days in advance. Photo by Beatriz da Costa


Tips to Make Your Own Ice Cream Sandwiches

ice cream sandwiches

To get the wow factor, I suggest you set up an ice cream sandwich bar where your guests can select their own cookie and ice cream combination. This means that you have several options when you wish to serve ice cream sandwiches at a party:

  • Make everything from scratch – it is wonderful but who has the time
  • Bake the cookies and buy premium ice cream  or Buy the cookies and make your own ice cream- it is manageable for many
  • Buy the cookies and premium ice cream – the no-fuss way

I say to do whatever fits your skills and your schedule. Make sure to serve the ice cream sandwiches in either ordinary waxed paper or go the extra miles and get professional grade food paper. You can make your cookies square, round or any almost-square shapes. For a kid birthday, use a butterfly cookie cutter or a castle cookie cutter.

I attached photos of professional made ice cream sandwiches to know what to aim for. Paul of Sweet Paul shows us that waffle cookies adds a twist. I like the look but I prefer the taste of real cookies. The New-York bakery Milk and Cookies sells 6 flavors and plus the flavor of the week.

Coolhaus Concept

Two Los Angeles girls in their twenties start selling ice creams at festivals on their converted postal truck. Instead of paper, Freya Estreller and Natasha Case imagined the Coolhaus ice sandwiches in edible wrapper. Made of rice paper, the wrapper can be branded with soy ink. This is a cool idea for events. They twitter their truck location.

You can order the sandwiches straight off the menu or mix the flavors to your liking. This is one thing that you could do if you are having a big bash. Assembling an ice cream sandwich only takes a few seconds.

1. Waffle and strawberry ice cream sandwich by Sweet Paul
2. Coolhaus $3 USD without edible wrapper, $3.50 with edible wrapper- more photos on Yelp
3. Milk and Cookies $4.95 USD


Delicious Ice Cream Sandwiches by Tartelette

Snickerdoodle Lemon Ice Cream Sandwiches by tartelette

As you know, home cooked meals are in fashion. And there is no better way to finish a summer meal than with home made ice cream sandwiches. It is a dessert that please kids and adults. I know my husband will crave for these.

Helen, the author of the fantastic pastry blog Tartelette, makes her creations look so elegant. I imagine serving these lovely lemon ice cream sandwiches at a Sunday brunch, at a kid birthday or to conclude an alfresco dinner. They would also fit in at a garden wedding party.

You can do everything from scratch or skip one step and buy premium lemon ice cream. But take the time to bake the snickerdoodle cookies. I adore the look of these little packets of the ice cream sandwiches. To be ready for impromptu entertaining, stock an assortment of strings and make sure to always have parchment paper on hand.

You will find the recipe for her Snickerdoodle Lemon Ice Cream Sandwiches at the end of her post.

Tartelette’s Photos available on Etsy

photos by tartelette on etsy

Besides food photography, she also sells her favorite still life pictures on etsy. I want to change the 5 photo series I hanged on my kitchen wall. I hope that she will add her ice cream sandwich pictures to her etsy shop.

+ Snickerdoodle Lemon Ice Cream Sandwiches
+ Baking 8×12 photo by Tartelette $30 USD
+ At The Flower Shop 8×12 photo by Tartelette $30 USD


Daily Quick Links | Treats for Entertaining

Ice Cream Tools by Zeroll :: jaime hayon lamp and champagne bucket :: Colosseum Candy Container by Studio d. Sharp

This is my daily collection of interesting stuff that I saw on the Web.

+ The Ice Cream Tools by Zeroll is the most rated on It is supposed to work easily on the hardest ice cream. If you prefer a dishwasher-safe model, opt for the Cuisinart Ice Cream Scoop. The Kitchen compiled a list of the Best Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Scoops.

+ After ice cream, let’s take about another of my ultimate indulgence: Champagne. World-renowned Spanish designer Jaime Hayon created this amazing lamp and huge bucket for serving the Piper-Heidsieck Champagne at the Whiskey Blue of the W Los Angeles hotel. This is a temporary exhibit. Via NOTCOT

+ We will continue with candy. The Colosseum Candy Container by Studio d. Sharp is individually handcrafted, using vintage and artisan materials. It comes with a Happy Birthday banner tag. Via Black Eiffel

+ Many readers of Apartment Therapy San Francisco answered the question: What Makes a Great Party? I am thrilled that my party essential, the signature drink was named over and over. I am fit to live in San Francisco 🙂

+ We may forget it in this electronic age but the old In Case of Emergency paper book still play a vital role. Learn why and how to craft your own with a Moleskine journal in about a minute. Via Just Something I Made