Rustic Fruit Pies and Tarts by Real Simple

rustic fruit pies and tarts by real simple

Besides a crème brulée, I can rarely refuse a piece of delicious fruit pie. It is a wonderful dessert to serve your family or friends.

Rustic pies symbolize comfort food. Take advantage of the fact that fruits and berries are in season to bake a pie. You will find 26 delectable pie and tart recipes on Real Simple. Apparently you are guaranteed to get a golden crust if you use a cast-iron skillet to bake your fruit pie.

Four Easy to Make Fruit Pie Recipes

+ For the finale of a Sunday brunch, make an Ice Cream Pie With Warm Blueberry Sauce. This one is made with a store-bought refrigerated piecrust – photo by James Baigrie

+  Serve this Raspberry and Rhubarb Tart to your family this weekend – photo by Christopher Baker

+ I found on the Web many forms of Apple Kuchen. Something, it looks like the classic apple pie, sometimes is has a cake base instead of a dough. I even see recipes done with layers of pancakes. I am not sure what is a true Viennese Apple Kuchen, but this Apple Kuchen glazed with apricot jam on Real Simple looks appetizing for someone like me that enjoy apple pie. Photo by Quentin Bacon

+ Like pizza, tarts and pies can be square. I like the look of this Pressed-Crust Pear Tart. It is made with Bosc pears but use whichever pears are in season. For entertaining, it is good to know that this tart can be prepared up to two days in advance. Photo by Beatriz da Costa

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